A college student bullied for her looks it s okay plastic surgery. Yet when the bullying no stop, she meets who who reflects her the true definition of beauty. Full Episodes: 16

Mi Rae undergoes a significant change prior to entering Korea University's chemistry department. Mi Rae mirrors off her covert talents in ~ orientation.

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Mi Rae realizes she can't escape others' taunts, even with a pretty face. Chan Woo, especially, refuses to leave her alone.


Mi Rae resolves an old misunderstanding through Kyung Seok. TA Yeon moves right into the same neighborhood as Mi Rae and also Hyun Jung.
The topic of gossip shifts toward Kyung Seok as rumors swirl around his family. Woo Young plans a housewarming party.
Kyung Seok realizes he has to live conservatively now that he is not relying ~ above his parents because that financial support.
Mi Rae convinces herself the her unnatural beauty, beauty is not an excellent enough for Kyung Seok. Kyung Hee and also Hye Sung shot to rebuild your relationship.
The college student are readily available an opportunity to sign up for a lab regime with Kellun. Woo Young decides it's time to make a move.
Mi Rae and Kyung Seok try to store their new relationship a secret, but nearly nowhere is for sure from watchful eyes.
Mi Rae and Kyung Seok go public as a pair and go on a nostalgic date. Soo Ah's stability and status come crumbling down.

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This form of display talks around a subject issue that affect a the majority of young people and is really pertinent in eastern culture. Over there is a lot of focus placed on physical appearance and maintaining a façade. I think that it is also applicable to American culture. The key character encounters an extreme kind of human body dysmorphic disorder, so lot so she feel compelled to undergo drastic actions to fit in. The remainder of the present deals with the subject matter of exactly how appearances room misleading. It"s fine acted and also the characters are because that the most part empathetic and relatable. Ns appreciate how they try to include dimension to the characters and also give paper definition to their behavior. The storyline may start off a tiny slow yet it build up and also many threads room interconnected later on. Ns think the display can teach a valuable lesson.