I to be a sucker because that campus dramas alright. There’s just something in the inner child of mine who still thinks that school is a location to fall in love with the most perfect man out there. Hahaha. Well, the adult me to know 99% the the time, many of our love stories don’t start this way, yet it’s still fun to indulge as soon as in a while!

This illustration doesn’t backtrack a small and show us the kiss as soon as again, i beg your pardon is such a waste, since that was a great kiss of two personalities who just had actually their first kiss. The first kiss is a light peck of course, and also the 2nd is when Kyung Seok really moves in hurhur.

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In any kind of case, here, he pulls earlier and apologises for startling Mi Rae. Mi Rae, in she daze, asks if they have to go to bed. Which startles Kyung Seok instead. HAHA. Must likewise say that Cha Eun Woo’s eye of ~desire~ room pretty alluring.

She conveniently jumps away, clarifying that she way they must sleep. Kyung Seok provides to sleep in the life room, discovering that Mi Rae wouldn’t have the ability to fall sleep otherwise. After some shy goodnight and sleep wells, Mi Rae goes within her room and replays her first kiss. She jumps onto she bed and also starts thrashing around on she bed, i m sorry Kyung Seok hears and also smiles. Awwwww. Girlfriend know, once upon a time, the dramas provided to be yes, really crazy end ‘bad boys’ who sleep about but end up loving only the woman lead. I, ~ above the various other hand, really destruction these innocent types.

Mi Rae realises that she left her photograph outside and comes external to grab it. Kyung Seok leaps upright (kekeke what have actually you been thinking) and she easily goes ago to she room, falling asleep thereafter. She leaves her phone call outside and also her mum’s speak to wakes Kyung Seok up. Kyung Seok make the efforts to wake up Mi Rae up however she doesn’t stir. Whilst make the efforts to handmade a message to answer to the concerned mum, the mum calls.



Kyung Seok choose up the call and the mum instantly hangs up for a video clip call instead. Hahahaha. Kyung Seok bows to her as a very first meeting (cute boy) and even shows the life room together proof that they are resting separately. He introduce himself as Mi Rae’s boyfriend and also explains why they space at the house.

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Mum quickly hangs up when Dad appears and squeals in delight that such a handsome male is Mi Rae’s boyfriend.

Dad video-calls this time through a simple message, “There room CCTVs in ours house.”