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Shorthand: my ID is Gangnam Beauty

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MY id IS GANGNAM beauty beauty KDRAMA LIVE RECAP illustration 8——-sommos.net——-#1OPENINGIn the bar, WJ tells KS the his credit card does not work. Possibly his father blocked everything. He can offer him money yet he cannot rental him, the does no have sufficient money.

KS marvels if he deserve to go come the housewarming party north handed, have the right to you give me one of those? WJ is every like, huh? What residence warming?

Cut to KS in ~ the home warming party v the TV. WY is every like, space you lending this to me? KS speak him no, that is a present. Anyone looks at him shocked.

Cut come them every eating the meat. WY is cutting the meat for everyone but thenKS speak him the he can do it. The looks favor he was jealous of WY cut the meat. KS starts cut it, yet he cuts it way too thin.
HJ speak him the this is not japchae. WY takes over the cutting of the meat again. Everyone starts talking about being stingy and also saving money. MR and WY talk earlier and forth about stingy things as if they are the exact same person. Castle think they can do fifty percent price because that watching movies on Wednesdays. Mr tells him the he is supervisor great.

WY states he does not have money therefore he has to save it. KS speak up and tells them that he checked out a convenience store and also bought 1 add to 1. Grandfather is all like…..well, you room rich….

But climate HJ notices a guitar and also tells that to show them the guitar! WY tells them that he is not good. However they store telling him to play it so that does. Lock sit around and listen to him playing it. The is really good so anyone enjoys it.

MR smiles and looks happily at WY together he plays. KS notices.

TITLE: basic INSTINCT——-sommos.net——-#2After the party, everyone starts to clean. KS start to shot and insert himself right into the cleaning procedure in bespeak to help MR out.

HJ and also WY go to take it the rubbish out. WY asks just how KS was in center school. HJ tells him that he was untouchable, the is surprising the a man like that remembers Mirae.

Inside, mr thinks to herself about KS comes here but not going to watch his mother. KS is looking at the food washing liquid, he does not know exactly how to open up it so he just looks in ~ it. Mr comes as much as him and also opens it then starts to wash the dishes.

WY and HJ come earlier inside. WY mentions the they have to watch movies with each other at the finish of the month. He specifically tells MR that they should watch movies together homework.

MR walks house arm in arm v HJ as KS to walk behind them. She is nervous around watching a relocate with WY. They acquire to HJ and MR’s building so KS asks if he can watch a movie v them together well.

They all start to leave. KS walks away and thinks the MR and also HJ live for this reason close to WY.

Inside, HJ and MR talk around watching a movie v a guy! and the challenge genius!. They joke and also roll roughly their bed giggling around that. Grandfather gets a text just then, KS message her that 6pm would be a an excellent time to clock a movie.

KS goes earlier to the bar, the is every empty therefore WJ think he is walking broke. KS and WY sit and talk on the bar. WJ is nice and also gives KS some money.

Meanwhile, the is morning and also MR wakes up. She thinks, this is the very first date in mine life. She make the efforts to find something come wear while reasoning that the is a date, no it is homework, no the is a date, no no homework.

MR goes outside and sees HJ. They talk about the day with KS later on on. Mr is so nervous about it. HJ tells her she can come residence late. Mr tries come play it off.——-sommos.net——-#3Mirae goes come a makeup keep to gain the perfect lipstick. She thinks the everyone walk this cosmetics points in center school, she never ever did it. Flashback come Mirae do the efforts to placed on makeup in center school.

VO – putting on makeup and doing my hair, maybe world will say, that’s all?

In the present, the consist of person tells Mirae the she is therefore pretty. Smile! girlfriend are prefer a pear! the comprise person bring away Mirae come the counter and also tries to market her a lot of things. Poor Mirae is oversold a most items. She leaves the store yet wonders why she bought the all, how countless candles will certainly she should sell?

Elsewhere, Kim Tae-hee tells she friend the seh is dating Tae-hyun. SA overhears this. Tae-hee speak her no to phone call anyone. SA thinks ago to the bar whereby Tae-hee and also the sunbae were talk happily. She also thinks earlier to listening Kim Tae-hee call the sunbae that she is no drunk and dont’ laugh at she and….I choose oppa.

he began laughing a little at how cute she was and also they hugged. Among the girls confirmed up absolutely drunk, and also sees them, that ist the girl the Tae-hee is talking to now (I think).

SA thinks about all the this together she city hall Tae-hee v her friend.

But climate she leaves and goes to the Chemestry rest room. The sunbae is there, so SA sits to talk to him and also asks that if that went home okay the night. That must have actually been difficult to it is in a course leader. Call me if you need any type of help, friend can speak to me if you want to have actually a drink. Ns am a large fan that yours.

He is a little shocked at first, however then says okay and also quickkly drink his drink.

Outside, JB and YE talk about how many guy girlfriend JB has. Mr is so impressed. JB claims that she has actually a lot of of man friends, yet she does no like any type of of them as a man, castle are simply friends. If she favored them as a male then she would certainly not be your friend anymore. Mirae thinks about this.

LIBRARYKS is in the library reading around how to do money. SA approaches him and asks the if the is studying. Then she asks him why the left beforehand from the party. He tells her that he had actually something to do, simply something. She asks him if the would favor to clock a movie through her, they deserve to do their homework later.

But he speak her that he has actually someone to go to the movie with currently – Kang Mirae.

Cut come Mirae thinking to herself the she is walk to see her Male human Friend. She goes come the theater and sees KS standing choose a design he is in a cell phone ad as he looks at his cabinet phone. She is frozen together she city hall him watch his cabinet phone.

COMMERCIAL BREAK——-sommos.net——-#4Their music plays together she simply watches him. But then the feels something and looks end at her. She tries to hide the she to be looking in ~ him as he looks at her. She plays the off as she walks over to him and also asks him what sort of movie he wants to watch. He already bought it so she is like, hahahaha an excellent job FRIEND.

They walk buy part food but KS pays for everything. She marvels why that is paying because that everything and also tries to salary half. However he tells her the it is okay. She is no okay v it and things the she should pay her own portion among friends.

They sit quietly and awkwardly for a moment as lock wait because that the movie come start. Mirae starts to talk about the ticket, they have to put that somewhere and also perhaps they need to take a photograph with the movie ticket?

KS says he will carry out it and also starts to take it a selfie with the ticket yet then puts Mirae in the photo and also snaps it.

They enter the theater. Mirae mentions the they will get a high grade for the this homework (I think WY told castle to clock a movie and also write a report top top it).

Meanwhile, SA goes residence to she apartment in the bad side the town. YE watch her and also thinks the she has actually been lying come everyone. (SA was likewise rude to an old lady who came to give she side dishes).

MOVIEMR writes around the movie and also thinks that she has to uncover some great points that she wants to clock again. However then she thinks about KS and glances at him. She tries no to look in ~ him, but she can’t aid it and also wonders what she would like to see again. She says it is straightforward instinct together she continues looking in ~ KS’s neck and also chin and hand.

VO – You want to look at something pretty, the is not love the is just something that records your eyes.

The girl ~ above the various other side of KS also wants come look at him also though she is on a date with someone else.

MR leans to her various other side and hits a guy. This guy looks at she for a minute which renders MR sit back up. KS notices this and also asks grandfather if she eats popcorn? mr thinks, this happens in romantic movies. (They shot to eat popcorn at the same timea nd touch hands). Mr imagines this keep going and additionally imagines that KS will feed her popcorn as well.

KS pulls her the end of it and also asks she if she is going to eat. She claims she will certainly eat yet decides come use two strays together chopsticks come eat the popcorn with. KS is every like…what in the world? What space you doing?

MR is so happy and tells him that she is eating popcorn. It functions well, too. She is able come gobble it every up.

After the movie, KS and MR leave awkwardly. MR claims the movie is good, perhaps they have to say great bye now? yet KS asks her if she is hungry, would certainly you prefer pasta? MR instantly thinks the pasta is something you eat on a date. But she says pasta is good, she can eat anything.——-sommos.net——-#5PASTA PLACEThey go to a pasta place. Yet this location is much more expensive 보다 KS deserve to afford. He rings up every the price of everything in his head, that will be over his amount. However MR picks the cheapest article which lowers the cost a lot, he have the right to actually purchased it and will have actually 3 dollars left.

MR also gets a cheap drink, so he will have 7 dollars left. That is therefore happy, but in his way.

They start to talk a little bit. He desires to watch her report but she smiles and also says that it is her report, he have to write his own. He speak her that he will certainly not copy it, he just wants to check out her handwriting. She is for this reason flustered and says that she will certainly go to the bathroom.

In the bathroom she wonders if she have the right to think that a guy like that together a male with her. She walks ago out and also overhears 2 girls talking about how handsome KS is and also how a super duper girl need to be his girlfriend. Mr hides she face and also sits at the table with KS.

She asks that why he did not eat yet. He tells her the he was waiting for her. He also asks her once her date of birth is, they should recognize as friends. In her head she thinks the she have to not tell him she birthday and also expect something. He starts come eat and also tells her no to phone call WY she birthday.

Meanwhile, WY is at residence writing an application to look for a roommate. He states his room is a narrow apartment.

Back in ~ the restaurant, KS is around to pay and pays for $30. MR desires to go dutch. Yet KS tells him that he did no give any kind of money to WY, why space you walking dutch through me? MR states it was a residence warming party, he invited us. KS speak her that he is the one the asked her the end so he will pay, don’t ask for dutch.

They walk outside and it is raining. Theya re not prepared. KS thinks the he has actually 7000 won, will that be enough to capture a cab? but MR tells him come wait a 2nd and takes off running in the rain. KS adheres to her slowly. Mr runs come the convenience store and buys the last umbrella. She looks in ~ KS.

They walk oustide, grandfather tells KS that he have the right to use it and also she deserve to run to the bus station. However he speak her the they can both usage it and he will take her to the bus station. Yet she states it is too little for the both of them, you use it. But KS provides her the umbrella and also tells her to usage it. He takes turn off in the rain.

COMMERCIAL BREAK——-sommos.net——-#6Cut come them both walking under the umbrella. Mr thinks the KS is getting wet and also wants to placed the umbrella over him. However he thinks the she will obtain wet that way. He puts it more over her. She go close to him and also comments that the umbrella is so little right? he states right.

he asks she if she is wearing perfume? She claims she does not wear it too often. That asks if the is due to the fact that he hates it, however she states it is not like that. Then he tells her the he met that person at the hospital. Don’t you want to questioning me just how it was? however MR states he would hate it if she asked him.

But she end up questioning him. He says that it to be good. He likewise tells her the she deserve to wear she perfume. She claims that she will certainly not follow what that says, she will certainly decide on she own. He says that is well also.

She comments that it is great that he stopped hating his mother. He many thanks her. But it is no clear on what he thanks her for.

Meanwhile, the politician is getting a report ~ above his son. WJ’s company is not doing fine so his kid might likewise not it is in doing well.

Back come our duo, KS to walk MR all the way back to her steps, and also the rain additionally stopped. He offers her the umbrella due to the fact that it is hers and then heads out. But she speak him come wait a moment. Maybe he have to take the umbrella through him, it might rain again after all. The takes it and thanks her for it. Yet she says that she is more thankful due to the fact that he took her all the means there.

Ho look at at her intently, but she transforms to leave. He additionally walks away. Mr mutters that she think she will have a heart attack. She watches that walk away.

VO – i realized in ~ that minute that I deserve to not take it him as a Male human being Friend.——-sommos.net——-#7UMMACut to KS’s umma’s house. The politician dad is over there to meet with her. She allows him in but is no that enthused to check out him. That storms in and wants to recognize what she is doing, is she acquiring her revenge top top him?

She asks that what the is doing, go he think she is that basic that he have the right to just come in like this? he gets rid of his throat and also asks her to take it in Kyung-seok. DOn’t pretend prefer you don’t recognize that the left home. Friend told the that ns hit you.

Umma – ns did not tell him.

Father – just you and me know about that.

Umma – perhaps you told him.

Appa realizes that he is the one that told him. Umma speak him to leave if he is done and also turns earlier to the window. Appa leaves and get in the car but he tells his driver to shut up prior to he deserve to say something (it has been ten years). Appa in reality smiles though, the seems choose he could be happy after seeing her.

BARWJ wonders just how KS can sleep on the couch, girlfriend will autumn off if you rotate your body. You can sleep upstairs. He then says that he can go back home, his father will certainly kill that if the loses every his money.

KS speak him that he will certainly not go earlier home, he will uncover a place. Can you endure until that point. But WJ speak him the the people is not that easy.

KS meets through a task search person however he cannot give him any kind of identification and also still wants a high paying job. The task serach human tells him that he demands to go to a school job sight or an web site, you will find a lot of jobs.

KS takes his advice and goes come the school to uncover a job. Among the students sees him and wonders why that there.

Cut come the male sunbae offering Ye-na a fan (or something). She tells him that as soon as you hear that there room no trees climate you deserve to chop twenty trees, that is persistence. They hoax for a moment about that but then castle talk about how KS is trying to find a job. However he is native a well-off family, why is he searching for a job? the is the boy of a politician that can be market soon.

Chan-woo was resting on a bench and overhears this. He think that should be why he did that. (Chan-woo is the negative guy indigenous the previously episodes).

Meanwhile, mr is also on campus and also thinks the she will save her street from KS for awhile. She dodges KS.

KS is sitting outside when SA comes up to him to talk. However he speak her the he is busy and also leaves.

WH and also SW are likewise sitting outside and talking playfully. WH is annoyed by SW and also walks away.

Inside, WY and also CW talk. CW is having actually a tough time due to the fact that he was embarrassed through a freshman and also cant walk to class normally. WY is nice annoyed and also says the he should apologize to the freshman.

CW pipeline the room and also runs right into KS. That tries to speak to him and says that he want to watch him, deserve to he speak to him? KS claims he is busy so CW speak him he can talk come him later. KS goes inside WY’s office. CW mutters the he would not have actually done it if that knew that KS came from a wealthy family.

Inside, KS brings up the roommate flyer that WY left. WY asks him around it, the does not want a quick term roommate, he desires a lengthy term roommate. KS claims he will be his roommate lengthy term. Yet can he usage the TV as a very first payment?

WY guesses that he left home yet KS claims that he did not, that is independent.

WY quickly types something up and tells him that KS has actually $70 rent and also he will need to do all the housework.——-sommos.net——-#8Elsewhere, MR’s parents drive to their daughters room and spot WY. Umma gets the end of the car and talks to him. Appa gets out of the auto as well. She asks him if the remembers her? WY says he does. Umma is therefore happy to check out him and tells him that she can provide him a ride.

MR mirrors up and introduces WY as her department sunbae. The parents are so happy to view him however the mommy is the most happy. She asks MR all sorts of questions around the sunbae like exactly how old he is. MR says he is 26 therefore he is 6 years older. Umma loves that and tells mr to provide him part side dishes ideal now. Appropriate now? Yes, best now.

MR walks external to deliver the side dishes and also gets a speak to from the CEO. She asks the CEO if she is okay. Hye-sung claims she is fine and asks just how KS is doing. Grandfather tells her that he is fine he told her that they met. Hye-sung asks for his call number, she go not have actually a possibility to questioning him for it. Mr tells her the she will text it right away.

MR gets to WY’s home, the is shocked and happy that her mother has actually side dishes for him. They all go inside. But then KS comes out of the bathroom v wet hair. Grandfather asks that what the is law there. He speak her that he determined to live there.

Fade Out——-sommos.net——-

COMMENTSLoved this particular day with every the cute fluttery scenes! the looks choose we deserve to expect much more next week together well.

I wonder if KS could get a project at SA’s place. We currently know that the boss loves to rental pretty human being (it’s an excellent for business) therefore you know he will certainly jump at rental KS. But KS can not desire to be roughly SA for this reason much.

PREVIEWWY – *talks about the roommate contract*JB – the is therefore sweetUmma – The sunbae man looks like he likes Mirae.SA – Hello.YE – perform you live v grandmaSA – You room curious about me…VO – Yeah, Kyung-eok and also Soo-ah look an excellent togetherSA – girlfriend still did not discover a component time job, carry out you desire to interview where I work?KS – you shuold not apologize to me, you have to apologize come MR.

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