Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-CayfordThe globe and also a candle are at the center of a worship facility at Bethany Seminary’s 2015 Presidential Forum.

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“The harvest of justice is sown in tranquility by those who make peace” (James 3:18, RSV).

1) Presidential Forum in ~ Bethany Seminary explores the intersections of simply Peace2) new unit that sommos.net Volunteer business completes orientation3) Office of publicly Witness issues action alert on refugees crisis4) Heifer partners through the sommos.net and also Ted & Co. For new creative funding initiative5) material Resources program logs a liven October6) BBT announces Medicare Supplement open up enrollment v November7) EYN catastrophe Team brings relief for Maiduguri’s displaced8) EYN supplies seminar on trauma healing because that displaced pastors9) at UN, anti-nuclear majorities an obstacle nuclear-dependent minority

RESOURCES10) introduction Offering support Church the the sommos.net ministries, focuses on the Magnificat11) introduction devotional, winter quarter of overview for Biblical Studies provide seasonal emphasis on gifts

12) sommos.net bits: Personnel notes, volunteer positions, experiential learning trip come S. Sudan, Congregational Life leader attends evangelism event, BDM leader visits Syria refugee camps, Shoulder come Shoulder pledge, Congregational Outreach Forms, sermon award contest, and more

Quote of the week:

“The Christian trip toward peace presents many methods to develop visible and also viable neighborhoods for peace. A church the prays for peace, serves its community, offers money ethically, cares because that the environment, and cultivates good relations through others can come to be an instrument because that peace.”

— A explain of the world Council the Churches, and also one that the foundational statements about Just tranquility that was presented in ~ the recent Bethany Seminary Presidential Forum 2015. Fernando Enns, a German Mennonite theologian and a member the the WCC central Committee, was among the keynote speakers.

Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-CayfordJames Samuel Logan addresses the 2015 Presidential Forum in ~ Bethany Seminary

1) Presidential Forum in ~ Bethany Seminary explores the intersections of simply Peace

An selection of speakers addressed plenty of intersections of just Peace at the 2015 Presidential Forum at Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Ind., on Oct. 29-31. V a focus on “Rejecting Cruelty, developing Community, Rediscovering Divinity” the event juxtaposed a variety of means to address and understand the principle of simply Peace. It was the saturday Presidential Forum held by the seminary and also the first hosted through Bethany’s chairman Jeff Carter.

“I have actually dreamed the this gathering due to the fact that the minute I was dubbed to be president of the seminary,” Carter stated as he invited the congregation to the opening worship service of the key forum event. Bethany Seminary is much more than just committed to just Peace, that is engaged in simply Peace, Carter said, “as an ongoing conversation that faith and also faithfulness.”

Over the course of the two-day forum and also pre-forum, the history of simply Peace was presented through a theological evaluation of the concept and also what it means for churches, biblical exegesis handle Joshua–a message traditionally thought about most daunting for tranquility churches, and added input came from gift on present “hot” topics consisting of the Syria refugees crisis, fixed incarceration that targets Black world in the joined States, racism and #BlackLivesMatter, ethical eco-tourism, and also other difficulties for Christian peacemakers.

Other tranquility church members presented “break out” sessions on connected questions. Concurrent v the forum, Bethany also held one “Engage Visit Day” because that prospective students.

Photo through Cheryl Brumbaugh-CayfordFernando Enns (left), a German Mennonite theologian and one the the key speakers at the Bethany Seminary Presidential Forum, listens intently to a presenter. At right is Bethany Seminary president Jeff Carter.

Worship helped shape the event

“Peace is no easy, or popular, or also possible,” said Richmond minister Matt McKimmy in the opening worship business of the pre-forum. “But us cannot neglect what Jesus said around peace.” McKimmy was one of several speakers at the first of the 4 worship services that to be interspersed v speakers’ presentations.

Preaching because that the opening prayer of the forum was Sharon E. Watkins, general minister and also president that the Christian Church (Disciples the Christ). She dubbed the gathering–and, implicitly the peace churches–to live “as if” God’s power of justice and peace proclaimed in Isaiah 61 and re-proclaimed by Jesus in Luke 4 is a reality today, in this world.

“Jesus calls united state to live ‘as if’…as if the reign of God is currently here, as if justice and peace have currently kissed,” she said. “Living ‘as if’ method giving increase privilege, releasing comfort…. Have the right to we sign up with that pilgrimage? That’s wherein Jesus calls united state to be.”

In a question and answer time following the service–an opportunity additionally offered ~ every significant presentation–Watkins fielded questions around inclusion that those on the margins and also focused fist on racism, note “the nature of injustice that is in our society…because the racism…. This demon racism, that will not be completely exorcised.” Asked exactly how she leads she church in addressing together injustices, she dubbed Christians to it is in in touch with places of brokenness, and also to “travel light” by leaving behind lesser comes to that she defined as weighing churches down in this 21st century.

Watkins told around how the Disciples have tried to maintain a “touchstone” in order come “find our means back when we start to acquire lost from each other,” reporting the her denomination’s touchstone has actually been your profession of confidence in Jesus Christ. The has permitted them to preserve unity in ~ Christ’s table regardless of differences. “You concerned the table with your differences…realizing that Christ’s table. Us don’t invite and also we can not exclude. That Christ’s table.”

Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-CayfordBethany Seminary professor Scott Holland was one of the team of ecumenical colleagues that wrote the main just Peace document for the people Council that Churches.

What simply Peace method for Christians and churches

Fernando Enns recurring the speak to for believer to be in places of brokenness in his resolve the following morning. Enns is a German Mennonite theologian and a member of the world Council of churches (WCC) central Committee. He has actually been a leader in the decade to get rid of Violence, and is a top proponent of simply Peace in ecumenical circles.

He presented the background of simply Peace and also the process that carried it to the factor to consider of the WCC, i beg your pardon has embraced a major document on just Peace. “Just peace is embedded as a brand-new model of doing theology and also ecumenical ,” the told the forum.

Simply stated, just Peace is “a pattern of life the reflects human participation in god’s love for the world,” Enns said, quoting from a WCC document.

He gift a theological structure for understanding simply Peace as a trinitarian approach, based upon the occupational of German Lutheran theologian Dorothee Sölle, that he said has been significant in ecumenical one in current decades.

Sölle’s work and theological concepts help place simply Peace in the kingdom of spirituality, not just peacemaking techniques, Enns said. “To be agents of God’s tranquility requires putting on the mind that was in Christ Jesus,” the said, express Philippians 2:5. This is what is essential to store hope alive, because that Christians came to with justice and also peace, and also what is crucial for those connected in just Peace to be in regular and deep communion through God, the added.

Enns gift Sölle’s trinitarian formula together a three-step process for living into Just Peace:

— First, to take it the “via positiva” or the means of blessing, celebrate the blessed and also life-giving nature of God and also the Creation;

— Second, to take it the “via negativa” or the trip of discipleship to Jesus Christ that leads inevitably come the cross, and leads believer to witness come the gospel that Christ in the middle of brokenness–which Enns identified as seeking the end the places where the Crucifixion is keep going today; and

— Third, to take it the “via transformativa” of becoming one through Christ with the holy Spirit, gift saved and being healed ourselves, and in the procedure gaining toughness to face and heal violence in the world.

Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-CayfordSharon Watkins, preaching at Bethany Seminary for the opened worship business of the forum.

Speakers attend to hot subject in connection with simply Peace

A variety of speakers addressed several of the present “hot topics” because that the tranquility churches. One more of the architects the the WCC’s simply Peace document, Scott Holland, asked whether religion has a duty in tranquility anymore, offered the prevalent questioning that religion around the world. Holland is Bethany’s Slabaugh Professor of Theology and culture and director of peace Studies. Telling a story about an conference he had with young people in Indonesia, he stated that “radical politics and radical religions execute not bring about peace in the general public sphere.” that emphasized the optimistic nature of just Peace, together opposed to the an adverse ways that religion–Christianity and Islam and others–have influenced the world in current decades, significant by terrorism and radical right-wing religious groups. Simply Peace is a confident peace, that said, and way among various other things efforts at eco-justice or peace with the earth, and economic justice or peace in the marketplace, peace between the nations, and just policing rather than the usage of army force.

A testimonial of the world’s refugee situation was gift by Elizabeth Ferris, a an elderly fellow at the Brookings institution in Washington, D.C. She the evaluation the unprecedented numbers of refugees and also displaced people roughly the world, and also the locations where movements of populaces are occurring. This dilemm of displaced world is a clear authorize that our worldwide order is break down, she said. Determinants include the lack of concerted international initiative to care for refugees, in specific the Syrian refugees who space making their method into Europe by the thousands every day. Another sign that global failure is the absence of enough trained humanitarian employees to offer in the many places that are experiencing populace shifts every at the exact same time. The Syrian crisis has come to be a focal distance point, and also an indicator the the depth the the concern and also the desperation the the refugee population, she said the forum. In ~ the nexus the the Syrian crisis, however, room the besieged areas within Syria, where there is no hope for relief from the outside. This besieged communities are the result of federal government bombing, where “people have actually starved come death,” she said. In 10 years, she warned, we will look ago in shame on the Syrian crisis, since the international neighborhood did not act. She dubbed for american to work without ceasing to convince their own federal government to carry out the actions that are verified to actually help refugees, such as giving reliable humanitarian assist to the nations surrounding Syria, and also radically simplifying and shortening the application procedure for Syrian refugees to involved the unified States.

Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-CayfordChristina Bucher led in an practice of examining Joshua, a book of the bible which has often been ignored by the tranquility churches.

Christina Bucher, Carl W. Zeigler Professor religion at Elizabethtown (Pa.) College, took on the inquiry of “Pondering Joshua trying to find Just Peace.” The Old Testament publication of Joshua through its injunctions to slaughter the opponents of old Israel, defined in the message as magnificent commands, and the genocide of the Canaanite people that resulted, has been a an overwhelming text for tranquility churches. Bucher identified that frequently Christian peacemakers simply neglect Joshua, and also offered five possible ways that reading and interpreting it. In the end, she recommended a “reader an answer approach” that takes the bible story seriously, however engages it together a “conversation partner” and enables for dialogue in between the text and also the reader. This technique encourages fist to details and also “fractures” in the Joshua story that may lead to brand-new understandings, she said. “Jesus does no treat his scripture together objects,” she noted. “He engages through the Torah and the prophets and we must treat bible in the exact same way.”

The inquiry of ethical tourism, just how to take trip in a just and also peaceful way, was tackled by Ben Brazil the the faculty the Earlham college of Religion. A former journalist and freelance take trip writer, he presented the range of methods that involved organizations are promoting eco-tourism and also ethical tourism, analyzed them, and offered a critique the each. No one answer faces all the challenges, which include the carbon footprint of wait travel, the many ethical inquiries raised by cruise ships that dump waste at sea and also pay low salaries to their workers, the privilege enjoyed by white north Americans in numerous of the tourist destinations in the southerly hemisphere, among others.

Challenges that the world’s many oppressions, and how to undo lock in our personal lives and also in our churches, were presented by Carol Rose. She is a previous director of Christian Peacemaker teams who is currently serving as co-pastor of Shalom Mennonite Fellowship in Tucson, Ariz. Rose focused on racism as a foremost oppression challenged in the united States. Among other concerns raised during her presentation, she talked about the method institutional racism has influenced the peace churches in plenty of detrimental ways.

Also concentrating on racism to be James Samuel Logan, nationwide Endowment because that the liberal arts Endowed Chair in Interdisciplinary studies at Earlham College, and also a Mennonite minister. In a frank and hard-hitting presentation, he read a an individual account by a young black color man about the sex-related abuse and also torture endured throughout a jail sentence. He then addressed the reasons why black Lives issue is so important for the United says today. Logan identified the massive incarceration that unjustly targets Black world as key for an expertise of gyeongju relations. However, an essential for the peace churches is making relationships with the young activists who space leading what the calls the “Everywhere Ferguson” movement, and their “hip hop” generation. He made the clear that the job-related at undoing racism and collaborating v young black activists is the make-or-break an obstacle for the tranquility churches today–a difficulty that has vast moral definition for American Christianity as a whole.

For a picture album the the forum, go to www.bluemelon.com/churchofthesommos.net/bethanyseminarypresidentialforum2015 .

Photo courtesy the BVSThe volunteers in BVS Unit 311: (front row, native left) coin Radcliff, Rachel Ulrich, Jonathan Hollenberg; (second row) kris Kaake, Olivia Arlt, Nils Tulke; (third row) Cathrin Strickler, Amanda McLearn-Montz, Franzi Martin, Deanna Beckner; (fourth row) David Rauwolf, Robin Krueger, Ann Sophie Lorych, and also Katy Herder.

2) new unit that sommos.net Volunteer business completes orientation

sommos.net Volunteer company (BVS) Unit 311 has completed orientation, and also the volunteers in the unit have begun work in ~ their project sites. Following are the names, congregations or hometowns, and project web page of the new BVS volunteers:

Olivia Arlt indigenous Kaleva, Mich., and Marilla Church of the sommos.net, has been inserted at Blue climbed Ranch in Springfield, Colo.

Deanna Beckner the Columbia City (Ind.) Church of the sommos.net, and also Amanda McLearn-Montz of Panther Creek Church the the sommos.net in Adel, Iowa, will certainly serve as assistant workcamp coordinators at the Church that the sommos.net general Offices in Elgin, Ill.

Katy Herder indigenous Claremont, Calif., and La Verne Church of the sommos.net, will certainly serve v Su Casa Catholic Worker home in Chicago, Ill.

Jonathan Hollenberg that Sebring (Fla.) Church of the sommos.net, and also Penny Radcliff from Annville, Pa., have actually been inserted with overcome Keys town in new Oxford, Pa.

Chris Kaake native Burbank, Ohio, and also Paradise Church of the sommos.net, is walking to work-related at permit in northern Ireland.

Robin Krueger of Breidenbac, Germany, is going to Lancaster (Pa.) Area Habitat because that Humanity.

Ann Sophie Lorych from bad Nauheim, Germany, and Cathrin Strickler indigenous Erkelenz, Germany, will certainly serve at project PLASE in Baltimore, Md.

Franzi Martin from Bochum, Germany, and also Nils Tulke from Erkelenz, Germany, space going to job-related with ABODE solutions in Fremont, Calif.

David Rauwolf native Neuwied, Germany, is walk to work-related with Hagerstown (Md.) Church of the sommos.net and also Shepherd’s spring Outdoor Ministries.

Rachel Ulrich indigenous Greenville, Ohio, and Richmond (Ind.) Church that the sommos.net, has been put with Highland Park Elementary school in Roanoke, Va.

For an ext information around sommos.net Volunteer Service and also to find out just how to volunteer, go to www.sommos.net/bvs . The following orientation unit the BVS is reserved for Jan. 24-Feb. 12, 2016, in ~ Camp Ithiel in Gotha, Fla.

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3) Office of public Witness issues action alert on refugees crisis

The Church of the sommos.net Office of publicly Witness has issued an action Alert call church members to advice their congressional representatives to take action to help and welcome refugees. V a commitment come resettle 85,000 refugees, the US demands to allocate funds to ensure a smooth transition. A number of partner institutions are arranging dinners because that the Thanksgiving recess, to carry together community members, refugees, and also a congressperson to help humanize this crisis.

“Would friend or her congregation be ready to hold or attend an event like this?” said an invitation. “If so, please call Jesse Winter at jwinter