But how long was it? Anikin fights counting Dooku in season 10 illustration 6 "The shed Ones". Ns was able to identify that was in the year 19bby, and the finish of the war happens the same year, however I no able to pin down specific timeline. Room we talk weeks or months? walk the Clone battles writers simply miss this line and also goof, or was Anakin that arrogant? Tbf, the is quite arrogant, but I battled you a week earlier and now my powers have doubled is simply a ridiculous insurance claim to make. So, if anybody has a better, more precise, timeline the clone wars events I would certainly appreciate it.

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Canonically their last duel remained in the canon novel Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. Which to be based turn off an 8 illustration arc that TCW. The takes location in the last year the the war, ~ S6.

It wasn't to let go so lot as simply ignored. George likes his expository dialogue, thus why we have actually Anakin's north boast as you discussed in the OP or Grievous telling Obi-Wan he's to be trained in the Jedi art by Dooku... In spite of Ol' George later having them fight in TCW numerous times.

I think it's safe to to speak it to be months, because that a couple of reasons.

TCW was originally going to have 8 seasons with end 40 episodes comes after the episode.

He had not started to take part in the outer Rim sieges in ~ that allude yet, i beg your pardon is implied come take location for number of weeks prior to ROTS. This always bugged me as soon as they combated the further we gained into the series. I remember together a kid noticing this and also thinking The Clone battles movie to be the critical time, however then they combated in season 1, and also then season 4, and then season 6. It's yes, really a nerdy gripe but it's one of the difficulties that the collection has that makes it harder to be cohesive v the movie tbh.

I to be asking since in another post someone carried it up. And I couldnt uncover a good answer. Yet at the very same time TCW deliberately keeps Anakin and also Greivous indigenous meeting just to maintain the "You're much shorter than ns imagined." line.

While it's admittedly obvious that the movie was functioning off the presumption that ROTS was their 2nd meeting, it doesn't completely lock the end interim interactions, and also I don't think it's yes, really that much of a stretch because that Anakin come boast favor that even with multiple encounters between the two.

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It's like exactly how ESB has Obi-Wan speak Yoda trained him, through Qui-Gon being conceived of later for TPM. It's obvious that the story changed, yet it's quiet made to work-related by having actually Yoda train every the younglings. It's common for story to evolve over time, and also I don't think they should lock the end story principles just because they didn't think of it earlier. TCW Dooku's interactions v Anakin and Obi-Wan space excellent, so i wouldn't trade them for the benefits of a slightly tighter continuity.