Is NBA 2K17 freezing at the logo design screen? If the video game is stuck and also won"t load past the team logos, don"t worry, you"ve involved the right place.

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We all dislike glitches in video games. Noþeles that makes a game role in a means that the developer didn"t intend is bothersome. That"s especially the situation for worries that hamper ours enjoyment that the game. 

NBA 2K17 freezes at logo design screen? You"re not alone

Some Xbox One owners have actually been suffering an concern with NBA 2K17 loading properly. It"s being referred to online together "the logo display freeze."

When some Xbox gamers attempt to boots up NBA 2K17, they are either grounding on the loading display screen that attributes the NBA team logos forever or required to wait one obscene quantity of time because that their video game to load. That"s no good.

NBA 2K17 won"t fill past logos? Here"s the solution

Thanks come Pooky, one NBA 2K17 YouTuber, we have an easy-to-follow tutorial for addressing this issue. Various other YouTubers have additionally addressed the issue, however we uncovered Pooky"s video to be the most straightforward.

Truth it is in told, we shouldn"t need to worry about things favor this. If anything, NBA 2K17 should have released some sort of developer notes that addressed the issue. However, when researching the problem, the just assistance uncovered came from the community. 

Here"s Pooky"s video: 

NBA 2K17 Logo screen Freezing Fix: Step-by-step instructions

If friend can"t watch that video, here"s a detailed failure of every little thing you should do to resolve the problem.

First, quit the game by pressing the Xbox button. As soon as you"re at the dashboard, go to "Manage Games." Then pick NBA 2K17 and scroll under to "Save Data" and select it. Scroll under to "Reserved Space." Click it and then click "Clear scheduled Space." Finally, restart NBA 2K17.

At this point, it will start to pack on the location screen, but there will be a an extensive delay. Ultimately, you"ll see a display screen that says: "Please wait, retrieving data from 2K servers." There will be an alternative to cancel. DO NOT push CANCEL. IT will DELETE all of YOUR DATA.

Once that part of the procedure has finished, you must be all set to go and totally free of the logo display freezing and extended delays.

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