Candidates to run in Mecklenburg County define why voters should select them in the Nov. 3 general election.

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Kimberly Johnson, Staff

Rich George is running for Mecklenburg floor & Water Conservation ar Supervisor in the Nov. 3 choice (Shutterstock)

CHARLOTTE, NC — In enhancement to voting for president and vice president of the United claims in the Nov. 3 basic election, voters in Mecklenburg County, will choose delegates for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, the north Carolina general Assembly, ar commission, and superior court and district court judges.

Rich George is a 61-year-old Democrat and chief brand strategy officer who is to run for Mecklenburg soil & Water Conservation ar Supervisor.

As component of that coverage that the 2020 election, has actually asked candidates in neighborhood races come fill out a questionnaire to describe why lock think they"re the best person to to fill the job they"re running for. for details on gift featured in a candidate"s profile and submitting campaign announcements come Charlotte

Rich George

Office Sought

Local workplaces (including countywide offices and school boards)

If you room running for regional office, or in a district, you re welcome specify. (District 1, Commissioner at-large, etc.)

Mecklenburg floor & Water Conservation district Supervisor

Party Affiliation

Democrat (Nonpartisan race)


Beau battle each other (Standard Poodle), Tiger Lily (Domestic brief Hair), Clinique (Lynx point Siamese)

Does everyone in your family work in politics or government?



Duke University, BSVanderbilt University, MBA


Chief Brand Strategy Officer, Brandsymbol (Branding firm serving fortune 100 Companies); 40 years experience in marketing & communication

Campaign website

Previous or current Elected or Appointed Office


The solitary most pressing issue facing our (board, district, etc.) is _______, and this is what ns intend to do around it.

The most important problem facing Mecklenburg floor & Water Conservation district (MS&WCD) is our quickly worsening climate crisis. My "E*O*S: A brand-new DAWN because that MECKLENBURG"S ENVIRONMENT" strategic arrangement addresses this problem by defining, detailing and delivering:1. EQUITABLE accessibility to organic resources for everyone...No issue who friend are, that you are with, that you love, or who you worship...No issue where friend live in Mecklenburg, or whereby in the people you space from...No issue what you earn, what friend owe, or what color you are.2. OPTIMAL consumption of natural resources for: 1) agriculture, from large rural ranches to small urban gardens; 2) industry, indigenous commercial office structures to production plants; 3) housing, native affordable multifamily developments to varied single-family homes; and 4) recreation, from greenways to waterways.3. SUSTAINABLE source management constructed on: 1) responsible land development and consumption to carry out food safety and security, specifically in disadvantaged communities; 2) waterways defense to certain free-flowing, new water totally free of unhealthy pollutants; and 3) expanded, carbon-capturing tree canopy to beautifully ensure healthy air quality.

Do you support Black resides Matter and also what are your thoughts on the demonstrations held since the fatality of George Floyd and also the shooting of Jacob Blake?

My enthusiasm for combatting our an international climate crisis absolutely includes a commitment come economic, social and racial justice.

What are your thoughts on the project to "defund" the police?

Not applicable come MS&WCD

What are your think on the state and national solution to the coronavirus pandemic? do you favor such steps as limiting procedure of non-essential enterprise or restricting indoor/outdoor dining? and also do you donate a nationwide mask mandate?

While coronavirus an answer is not directly applicable come MS&WCD, food safety and security is one appropriate and also essential MS&WCD priority due to the fact that World health and wellness Organization has actually identified global food supply together an urgent danger to human being health. Mine extensive plan to reconnect people with their food will minimize the deadly hazard posed by factory farms and also wildlife markets.

What space the vital differences in between you and also the various other candidates search this post?

My distinct expertise & enthusiasm focused specifically on eco-friendly protection cd driver me to serve for the an initial time: ns WANT only THIS OFFICE (MS&WCD Supervisor), come protect and promote Mecklenburg County organic resources. In contrast, other candidates cannot enhance my expertise & passion: lock WANT any OFFICE, with 9 casualty in 9 races (Charlotte City Council, Charlotte Mayor, CMS board of Education, MS&WCD) in 10 years.

If you space a challenger, in what means has the existing board or officeholder fail the community (or district or constituency)

I am running for an open up MS&WCD seat, not complicated an incumbent.

Describe the other concerns that specify your campaign platform

First, i am a passionate environmentalist to run to protect the planet and also its citizens from our life-threatening climate crisis. As a certified member of VP Al Gore"s Climate management Corps, ns am equipped with global expertise constructed on the leading and latest clinical research. As a 10-year Mecklenburg resident, ns am energized to safeguard our neighborhood environment. Together a tribute to my so late fiancée, i am inspired to safeguard biodiversity, specifically defenseless animals and plants.Second, ns am the product of mine family"s small farms running to gain back small-scale, urban agriculture. As someone who relied ~ above the land come survive, ns deeply appreciate abundant soil, fresh air, and clean water. Together someone who prospered up searching animals, and growing plants, come eat, I plainly understand the prestige of fresh, healthy food. As someone who saw plenty of farms disappear, ns strongly assistance local agriculture struggling against global food conglomerates.Third, ns am a powerful, however practical, adjust agent running to readjust change-resistant government agencies. As Brand strategist because that Fortune 100 companies, ns lead far-ranging change by establishing group missions that room clearly, consistently and also compellingly communicated. As owner the three small businesses, I have served clients ranging from tiny NC mobile-home parks come multinational companies. Together an efficient team-builder, ns optimize budgets come maximize impact.

What achievements in your past would you mention as evidence you have the right to handle this job?

First, my tireless climate-crisis and also animal-rights advocacy positions me to do a positive affect both globally and also local. Current volunteer activities include:1. Certified member of VP Al Gore"s Climate Reality leadership Corps, with comprehensive training on combating our global climate crisis and also environmental/social/racial injustice2. Active member the Mecklenburg non-profit institutions working to defend natural resources: • Sierra Club: national Text Team (Biden GOTV); NC Climate change Subcommittee• Audubon Society: 2020 NC Legislature online Advocacy Presenter• NC conservation Network: Mecklenburg county Delegation Presenter• NC league of preservation Voters3. Volunteer through CharMeck animal Shelter: Designed and also donated wall surface murals for new kitten nursery; kitten fosterSecond, mine family-farming background uniquely equips and also energizes me to assist make healthy, affordable food easily accessible to Mecklenburg citizens by reconnecting underserved neighborhoods with fresh food they prosper themselves. Ideally, MS&WCD and partners will provide educational and financial support to assist residents understand:1. Whereby does mine food originate? County citizens know their food mostly originates from grocery stores, however many have little idea how it acquired there (e.g., bacon native hogs, avocados from trees, blueberries native bushes). Commercial food producers have increasingly exploited this knowledge void for profit, often at the expense of consumers" health. 2. Why is mine food important? bad diets lead to negative health, especially when County occupants may not be mindful that processed foodstuffs are loaded with fats and sugars. This overlooked additives room leading contributors to life-threatening obesity, while deadly zoonotic viruses (including COVID-19) thrive from one overstressed worldwide food supply chain.3. How deserve to I thrive my very own food? county residents, especially in food deserts, have to be equipped through the crucial tools to prosper fresh, healthy and balanced produce: micro-farming training and education, equipment and also supplies, and access to community land. Naturally, this food manufacturing depends on MS&WCD"s existing floor health and water quality efforts.Since healthy and balanced food depends on healthy and balanced soil and water, ns will focus on our many dangerous contaminants: 1) single-use plastics that litter ar land and streams; 2) nurdles, omnipresent pellets that form the communication for practically all petrochemical plastic products; and 3) PFA forever chemicals, found in blood and organs of 99% of united state residents.Third, my expert expertise as a Brand strategist is ideally suited to complement MS&WCD"s work-related to-date. Special, these skills will allow me to define and deliver:1. Strategic PLANNING that drives MS&WCD task by: a) specifying a clear roadmap come success; b) occurring a comprehensive database that combines existing info into a single, searchable resource to facilitate fact-based decisionmaking; and c) detailing stakeholder input required to protect and also promote Mecklenburg resources.2. Strategy PARTNERSHIPS that maximize MS&WCD capital and affect by: a) coordinating eco-friendly plans with Charlotte to complement SEAP carbon reduction; b) collaborating v stakeholders come solicit expertise and experience; and c) connecting clearly, consistently and also compellingly, leading to common understanding and also objectives.3. STRATEGIC top priorities that supply MS&WCD goals, including: a) soil health needed to reconnect County occupants with fresh, healthy and balanced food, specifically in disadvantaged communities; b) water quality focused on single-use plastic and also microplastics contamination and c) eco-friendly infrastructure to stimulate job training & creation.

If you win this position, what accomplishment would make your term in office together a success? far-ranging and measurable boosts in: 1) small-scale urban architecture (with continued support for rural farms), pushed by an expanded definition of farm: A farm is any establishment from which $1,000 or an ext of agricultural products were marketed or would usually be sold during the year; 2) water quality, with much less plastic contamination (single-use and also microplastics); and also 3) green infrastructure the drives economic and job growth, specifically in disadvantaged communities. Why need to voters to trust you? Voters deserve to trust me, since I am moved to serve since of my unwavering appointment to:1. Service OVER SELF-INTEREST: Public service is correctly characterized as actually serving the public, but currently defined as being offered by the public…starting in The White House. Ns am a first-time candidate drawn to offer as MS&WCD Supervisor since I have the right to make a positive, sustainable impact on our environment…my ONLY personal reward indigenous the office.2. World OVER PROFITS: through definition, publicly servants must location the welfare that the public above the earnings of the few. By the united state Supreme Courts" 2010 Citizens united ruling, unlimited spending by the privileged few is now permitted to overwhelm windy welfare. "One person, one vote" is rapidly and regrettably being changed by "one dollar, one vote."3. FACTS over FICTION: our worsening an international climate dilemm demands the all public plan decisions consider vital environmental impacts. Very first and foremost, management must defend our world with fact-driven decisionmaking based upon science not speculation, to ensure environmental/economic/racial/social righteousness short-term, and also human survival long-term. What room your views on budget policy, federal government spending and also the usage of taxpayer dollars in the office you room seeking? CharMeck financial health is vital since MS&WCD receives funding from City & county stormwater fees. My expert experience will help: 1) obtain supplemental corporate grants & funding to boost MS&WCD budgets & impact; 2) for sure transparent and effective expenditures just on MS&WCD priorities; and 3) increase budget efficiencies. Is there any reason you would certainly not serve your complete term of office, other than those of health and wellness or family? No

The ideal advice ever before shared through me was:

Leave a place far better than you found it. This challenge to be component of miscellaneous bigger 보다 yourself fuel my passion to combat our global climate crisis.

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What else would you like voters come know about yourself and also your positions?

I hope to leaving a legacy honoring my late fiancée Brooke Atkins. Ideally, she and I will certainly be remembered for protecting our planet, and also all its inhabitants, native the catastrophic results of climate change. This effort will protect the defenseless and disadvantaged, both human and also non-human. Our shared wish is outrageously ambitious…and just as outrageously worthy.Looking ahead, successful stewardship the our earth is the only method forward to a future the is positive not hateful, intelligent no ignorant, and sustainable not self-serving. This will need support for, and also reliance on, scientific: 1) professionals, not politicians; 2) research, not rhetoric; 3) data, no distortion; 4) evidence, not emotion; and also 5) methodology, no mania.