The Nike air Zoom Vapor Cage 4s were engineered for among tennis" height movers, ATP skilled Rafael Nadal. For this highly anticipated update, Nike combined the finest features native the Cage and Vapor lines right into this hybrid shoe. Players deserve to see the inspiration from each collection simply by looking in ~ the Vapor Cage 4s. The shoes space loaded through tech, consisting of a Zoom waiting unit for comfort, a distinctive lacing device that supports the feet, and also foot frame an innovation for enhanced stability. We gathered playtesters on 3 continents to carry out a global perspective on how the shoes carry out on many court surfaces. Playtesters native Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe and Tennis just all agreed the comfort, stability and also durability to be the standout features. However, the playtesters found that a heavier feel was the expense of all those benefits. A couple of testers likewise recommend sizing under a half size because that a far better fit for narrow feet. All in all, the Nike wait Zoom Cage 4s has all the bells and also whistles for players at any level in search of top-performing shoes.

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Nike wait Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Men"s shoe Scores

Arch Support3.9
Foot Support/Stability4.2
Overall single Durability4.5
Toe Durability4.5


Comfort - Score: 4.3

A cushioned Zoom air unit in the midsole contributes come the exceptional comfort in the Nike air Zoom Vapor Cage 4. Chris has actually plenty of endure wearing Nike shoes, both current and also past models. That said, "I love the watch of the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s when I very first saw them, and when I acquired them top top court because that the an initial time, they felt great. I have actually narrow feet and also moved down a fifty percent size due to the fact that my regular size was also wide, and also the smaller size still offered plenty of room for my toes. After ~ a 30 come 40-minute break-in the shoes to be match-ready for me. Ns loved the lot of cushioning. There was sufficient for comfort without making me feel as well elevated or isolated indigenous the court. The uppers feel firm and supportive, yet I never ever felt any kind of hot spots, pinching, or rubbing, for this reason comfort was good. My arches additionally felt nice and also protected, so ns was comfortable and confident moving approximately the court in the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s."

"These shoes to be comfortable best out that the box, yet they still essential a break-in," ongoing Jason. "Let me explain. What made these shoes comfortable was the fit. Lock fit broader in the forefoot since the tapering wasn"t too much at the toe box, and the uppers to be supple and flexed there is no pinching. The break-in was crucial for the midsole and outsole. That product is pretty stiff, and it necessary two to 3 hours prior to the pair of shoes would quickly flex v every step. The cushioning felt similar to the of the Cage 3, through a firmer and more responsive ride."

Both Simon and also Benji from Tennis Warehouse Europe appreciated the generous fit that the Vapor Cage 4s. Simon explained, "I to be amazed through the lull of the pair of shoes from the minute I placed them on. Over there is a class of foam the surrounds your foot, and also even if it provides the shoes a little less breathable, it protects girlfriend from friction and provides a soft feel. To do the comfort perfect because that me, it would certainly have required a greater arch support, but I"m making use of my own insole to change that. I have broader feet, and the Vapor Cage 4 fit me far better as it is a bit broader than the Cage 3, particularly in the forefoot."

Benji added, "I found these shoes very comfortable, and also I never ever felt any pain once I played with them. Ns didn"t require a many time to break them in and move efficiently about the court. I additionally found lock spacious and also generous width-wise. Also though mine feet felt pretty close to the ground, I always felt a the majority of cushioning underfoot, especially because of the materials used in the midsole."

The Tennis just playtesters down in Perth, Australia, thought the Vapor Cage 4s were virtually too comfortable. Justin said, "I uncovered the pair of shoes to be exceptionally comfortable, with soft, plush cushioning. If I took pleasure in how comfortable the pair of shoes were, ns felt they short the solution from the midsole cushioning the shoes favor the brand-new Balance 996v4 v FuelCell or the adidas SoleCourt with Boost."

Jaye likewise appreciated the Vapor Cage 4"s plush feel. He said, "I found these shoes to be yes, really comfortable and also soft. Castle are quite low to the ground but have adequate cushioning without being as well firm. This is comparable to the Vapor Xs, and I"m glad they maintained this as component of the hybrid."


Foot Support/Stability - Score: 4.2

The playtesters were extensively impressed through the stability the Vapor Cage 4s offered, though some were spring for an ext support in ~ times. After some initial doubts, Benji to be on board. The said, "At the start of the playtest i was worried i would have actually some worries with ankle stability. By the end of the testing duration I can run and adjust directions with ease. I chosen the support overall, and also it assisted me feel confident during complement play."

Simon remained in the exact same boat. The added, "I wasn"t sure how the rounded form of the outsole would certainly perform, and also I was nervous that it would certainly make me feel unstable. However, i was surprised how much that that emotion disappeared once I stepped ~ above the court. Ns felt really safe in this shoes, also on excessive directional alters or when I had to slide."

The stability was wherein the Vapor Cage 4s really excelled because that Jason. The said, "The more comprehensive base provided a heavy platform, and the upper preserved really great rigidity, therefore I never ever felt unstable as soon as quickly transforming directions. I was unsure how well the distinctive lacing mechanism would store my feet locked in place, yet it absolutely got the project done. The uppers wrapped approximately my feet securely, and when i cinched the laces up, my feet felt locked down."

"One of the standout functions of the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s for me was your stability," echoed Chris. "I was constantly a large fan the the Nike Courtballistecs, and the secure ride that the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s reminded me that that collection of shoes. Ns felt an extremely secure relocating side to side and also never had any kind of issues. It was the exact same story once sprinting forward and coming to a fast stop. The shoes sustained my feet well, and also I didn"t need to worry around jamming mine toes right into the end of the shoes."

On the other hand, the Tennis only playtesters want a tad an ext support. Justin said, "The Vapor Cage 4s had actually a stable feel as soon as I put them on. The uppers wrapped about my feet securely, but when I started to relocate aggressively mine feet were sliding about slightly within the shoes. I"d introduce going down fifty percent a size to deal with this issue."

Jaye had comparable sentiments, adding, "My feet didn"t feel 100 percent locked in when I was relocating around. That wasn"t noticeable as soon as I to be moving, just approximately the baseline and also up in ~ net, yet I required a bit an ext for when I was extended out wide."


Overall single Durability - Score: 4.5

Nike gathered the outsole the the Vapor Cage 4s through Kurim product for extra durability, no issue the court surface. Jason still has plenty that life left in his pair of pair of shoes after experimentation on a sticky indoor hard court. He said, "After 10 hours of court time I had trouble finding the areas of wear top top the outsole. Ns was really impressed by how resilient these pair of shoes are. I"m no the toughest on my shoes, however I frequently see more wear and also tear on slicker outsoles the I can slide in, which these were. I"d have to wear these for another 10 hours prior to I can say for certain, however dare ns say the durability on these is Barricade-like?"

After spending number of weeks playtesting the pair of shoes on both hard and also carpet, Simon and also Benji had actually nothing but compliments. They said, "We played over 10 hours, and the shoes still look favor the very first day we wore them. The outsole seems really solidly built. Us didn"t see any kind of wear at the end of the playtest."

The Tennis only playtesters play on a mix the grass and hard courts. Jaye had actually no problems with the durability. He said, "I was happy through the durability, and also during mine time experimentation the shoe, I found it to it is in quite similar to the Cage 3."

Justin had slightly different feedback, saying, "While this aren"t as long lasting as shoes choose the Asics gel Resolutions or Court FF 2s, they are much more than competent. The Vapor Cage 4s have actually improved ~ above the larger model"s already good durability by having actually the outsole wrap approximately the toe guard and also medial next of the shoe."

"Both the outsoles and uppers that the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s were built to last," included Chris. "I tend to be pretty difficult on shoes, yet I didn"t placed a dent in these. I saw the most wear under the large toe that my right foot, i beg your pardon is my highest wear area. The amount of undertake is what I"d mean to watch from a durability-guaranteed shoe. I also saw some scuffing top top the uppers, but it was just scuffing, and also the shoes to be holding up simply fine."


Traction - Score: 4.6

Our teams all agreed that the Vapor Cage 4s were the perfect shoes to on slide in when maintaining enough grip to stop slipping. Justin thoroughly took pleasure in the as whole traction endure of the Vapor Cage 4s. That noted, "I experienced a little of a break-in period, but then ns was an excellent to go. The pair of shoes felt forgiving once I to be chasing down vast shots and also wanted to on slide a bit, or when I needed to adjust direction and also sprint to the net."

Jaye only had one quibble; he uncovered the outsole come be very squeaky. He said, "Traction to be great, and also I had the ability to start and also stop comfortably. However, even into the 2nd month of attract them, the shoes to be still squeaking on the hard courts. Ns didn"t mental this at all, though."

Simon felt really connected to the court. That said, "This is plainly one of the solid points that the shoes, and you can feel the the design has been studied to make the shoes very dynamic. The an extremely atypical shape of the outsole makes directional transforms easier and quicker. It surprised me a lot for shoes of this weight."

Benji concurred, adding, "Even though the shoes to be a small on the heavier side, I found them an extremely dynamic and reactive as soon as I had actually to advice to reach the ball."

The Vapor Cage 4s offered the right traction for Chris to relocate effectively. He said, "I favored the blend of grip and give I uncovered in this shoes. I was able to sprint approximately with confidence, and I felt quick on that all-important an initial step. I could likewise comfortably slide the end of a shooting if desired. I played ~ above indoor and outdoor difficult courts, and also the shoes offered predictable level of traction top top both clean and dusty courts."

The distinctive modified herringbone tread pattern to be a an enig to Jason before the start of the playtest. He said, "The tread pattern is unique, so i didn"t know what to expect. But I knew i really preferred the traction after simply one session on court with them. It"s slick enough for me to slide the end of my shots when moving laterally, however it had plenty of tight for various other movements. The traction is reminiscent of the Vapor X shoes in that manner."

Weight - Score: 3.9

The Vapor Cage 4 is at this time the heaviest shoes in Nike"s tennis lineup, and while that fact was certainly clear come our playtesters, they never felt too many weighed down. Chris could absolutely feel the load of the shoes once playing. The said, "I wouldn"t speak the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s space super heavy shoes, but I was aware of castle on court. The feeling reminded rather of the Nike Courtballistecs, Zoom Cage 3s and also adidas Barricades. I might feel the rigidity that the chassis, which provided the shoes a really solid and stable feel. Since these pair of shoes didn"t move and also flex through my feet like the wait Zoom Vapor Xs, ns was an ext cognizant the them throughout play. Ns don"t think the Vapor Cage 4s slowed me down at all, yet I can just placed on shoes choose the wait Zoom Vapor Xs and immediately forget about them, i beg your pardon wasn"t as lot the instance here."

"There"s a price come pay because that all that durability, stability and also support," added Jason. "And that price was a contempt heavier, slightly bulkier feel. I generally go because that lightweight, speed-oriented shoes, but I in reality didn"t mental the load of this Vapor Cage 4s. When they were broken-in, the pair of shoes transitioned well from hoe to toe, therefore the load wasn"t as lot of a factor."

Jaye and also Justin had identical comments about the weight. Justin explained it best, saying, "My initial thought as soon as I held this shoe in mine hand was the it to be a little heavy, yet as quickly as I put it on mine foot that felt favor it was barely there. These Vapor Cage 4s molded to my feet, permitting me to feeling surprisingly quick on court."

Benji had actually a small adjustment period with his pair. That said, "The weight was a little heavy at 15.6 ounces (size 10.5), for this reason it to be the only thing the I necessary to acquire used to. These are pretty weighty shoes, however after a couple of hours I didn"t notice it anymore."

Simon wrapped increase the playtest, saying, "It is impossible to design a shoe that offers as lot stability and security as this Vapor Cage 4 go without adding weight. ~ above the other hand, Nike controlled to make united state forget this weight through its dynamic outsole design."

Overall - Score: 4.3


Chris - "The Zoom Vapor Cage 4s do every little thing well. I feel for sure in them, I move well and also the shoes confirmed to it is in durable. I likewise love the look of these shoes."

Jason - "Super stable and durable. The more comprehensive toe box fits me well. I likewise really reap the traction."

Simon - "These shoes are comfortable best from the start, and also their stability renders you feel very safe. There is a good mix of speed and durability."

Benji - "I favor the comfortable new lacing system. The outsole enables me to slide also on hard courts."

Justin - "The key strength the the Vapor Cage 4 is the comfortable feel from the cushioning. Because of this, ns feel choose the shoes really enhance coaches and also older football player who require extra comfort."

Jaye - "Just generally good overall shoes. They do everything pretty well, yet nothing stands the end in any vital area. They have actually a great soft feel, a low-to-the-ground solution and a smooth ride. I particularly like how the pair of shoes did not change in any method throughout the playtest."

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Chris - "I have narrow feet and needed to relocate down a half size."

Jason - "I essential two to three hours of break-in before the shoes stopped feeling so stiff. They space slightly heavier than I would"ve liked."

Simon - "The autumn of the pair of shoes at the hoe is a bit too high; I choose to feel a small closer come the ground. The shoes absence a tiny bit of breathability."

Benji - "At the start of the playtest the weight was a little bit distracting to me."

Justin - "Whilst I discover the Vapor Cage 4s rather comfortable, i feel that they lack in response. Ns sink right into the pair of shoes a little when I have actually those fast chops and changes. Ns also notification my feet moving about within the shoes."

Jaye - "My feet don"t constantly feel secure once I"m to run side come side. I carry out think wearing 2 pairs that socks would solve this, however."

Comparing the shoe to rather they"ve tried, our testers said:

Chris - "If you room a pan of the old Nike Courtballistecs and the much more recent wait Zoom Cages, i think you"ll really like the Zoom Vapor Cage 4s. They feel much more substantial to me than the Vapor series of shoes, and I definitely felt more of a Cage influence."

Jason - "The Vapor Cage 4s are claimed to it is in a blend of the Vapor and also the Cage, but they felt like they had an ext DNA indigenous the Cage. I"d placed these in the same group as the gel Resolution 8, the Babolat Propulse Fury and the adidas SoleCourt Boost."

Simon - "It"s hard to uncover shoes to compare them to, as the Vapor Cage 4s room so fix up in so many ways."

Benji - "With the Vapor X gift my previous shoe of choice, I discovered the Vapor Cage 4 come play a tiny heavier, and it take it a small adjustment period to acquire used to the included weight. However, I prefer the outsole of the Vapor Cage 4, as it allows me to slide much more effectively, also on tough courts."

Justin - "The Vapor Cage 4s feel like they consists of aspects from three various shoes: a soft feel like the Vapor X, good durability like the Cage 3, and also a smooth heel-to-toe shift like the Zoom Zero. In my opinion, this are several of the best elements from all of these shoes, but I felt choose the Vapor Cage 4s let go the note when it came to responsiveness, something that the Asics Court FF 2s have."

Jaye - "I think the Nike Vapor Cage 4s room quite similar to the Asics Court FF 2s. Castle both plunder comfortably roughly my feet and they both simply feel luxurious. Can"t walk wrong!"