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Nipsey Hussle, connected Performer, key Artist, associated Performer - Ermias Ashgedom, Composer, Lyricist - Detroit Red, Producer - J. Powell, Composer, Lyricist - Jonny Shipes, Mixing engineer - well-off Leissler, Mixing technician - Berry Gordy, Composer, Lyricist - Alphonso Mizell, Composer, Lyricist - Frederick Perren, Composer, Lyricist - Deke Richards, Composer, Lyricist - Leroy Bonner, Composer, Lyricist - Marshall Jones, Composer, Lyricist - Ralph Middlebrooks, Composer, Lyricist - Walter Morrison, Composer, Lyricist - Ralph Middlebrook, Composer, Lyricist - Andrew Noland, Composer, Lyricist - Greg Webster, Composer, Lyricist - Marvin Pierce, Composer, Lyricist - Norman Napier, Composer, Lyricist

(P) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

(P) 2008 Sony Music Entertainment

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