OBS might fail to connect to the server if its environment is outdated. Moreover, the wrong configuration of the bind IP or MTU may additionally cause the worry at hand. The user meet the worry when the tries come stream (regardless of the streaming service) with the OBS application however encounters the following kind of message:

Failed to connect to server. The link time out. Make certain you’ve configured a precious streaming service and also no firewall is prevent the connection. 

OBS failed to attach to Server

Before moving on come the solutions to fix OBS failure to affix to the server, examine if you have the right to stream in OBS on a different network or a different device ~ above the very same network. Also, examine if the streaming organization servers room up and running. Moreover, make sure to enable Wi-Fi (even if you space using one Ethernet cable). Additionally, examine if the Ethernet cable is plugged right into a constant Ethernet port, no a 10GE port. Furthermore, inspect if rebooting your PC and also networking equipment solves the problem. Last but not least, if you space hosting a Vodcast, then make sure to finish it and then try to stream utilizing OBS.

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Solution 1: Create and Re-enter the currently Key

A short-lived glitch in between the OBS application and streaming organization may cause the server issue and may acquire cleared after re-entering the Streaming crucial after resetting key. Because that illustration, we will talk about the process for on facebook Live, you may follow the instructions together per your streaming service.

Launch the Facebook in a net browser and click on the Live Video (in the brand-new post section).
Open Live video on FacebookThen select Use present Key and also scroll under till the end.Now click Reset (in front of the present Key) and also then copy the stream key.
Create a brand-new Stream key in FacebookThen start OBS and also click ~ above Settings (near the bottom the the screen).
Open the OBS SettingsNow select Stream and paste the copied vital in the Stream Key box.
Paste the Stream vital in the OBS SettingsThen apply your changes and also check if the OBS is streaming without any issue.

If the problem persists, check if making use of a different account (e.g., a different Twitch account, if the concern is developing with Twitch) resolves the OBS issue.

Solution 2: permit Dynamic Bitrate in OBS

You might encounter the issue at hand if the frames space dropping throughout the streaming process. In this case, permitting the Dynamic Bitrate may solve the problem (this choice is only easily accessible on OBS version 24 and above).

Launch OBS and also open that is Settings.Now, in the left pane, select Advanced, and also in the appropriate pane, scroll under till the end.Then, in the Network section, checkmark the option of Dynamically change Bitrate to control Congestion (just under tie to IP).
Enable Dynamically change Bitrate to manage CongestionNow apply your changes and also relaunch OBS to check if that is functioning fine.

Solution 3: update the OBS and OS the Your device to the latest Build

The OBS applications may display the fail to connect to server article if the OBS applications or the OS of your mechanism is outdated together it can produce incompatibility in between the both (as well similar to the servers you desire to stream). In this scenario, to update the OBS and OS the your device to the latest construct may fix the problem.

Update the OBS Application

Launch the OBS application and also open its Help menu.Now select Check because that Updates and also if an update is available, use the update.
Check for Updates the OBSThen reboot her PC and also check if the OBS is working fine.

If you space using one obsolete version, climate download/install (without uninstalling the previous version) the latest variation of the OBS application and also check if the resolves the OBS issue. If you space using a Linux distro the is based upon PPA (like Ubuntu), climate you might execute the following in the covering to inspect if the resolves the OBS issue:

sudo apt install ffmpegsudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studiosudo apt updatesudo apt download obs-studio

Update the OS of her System

For illustration, we will talk about the process for a Mac system, you may follow the instructions together per the OS that your system to update.

Launch the apologize Preferences and also open Software Update.
Open software program Update in the Mac’s PreferencesNow, examine if an update of the OS is available, if so, apply the update and also reboot the an equipment to examine if the OBS application is clear of the failed to connect to server issue.

Solution 4: adjust the Streaming Server

The OBS application might fail to connect to a server if the server itself is down. In this case, changing the streaming server to a different location might solve the problem. For illustration, us will comment on the procedure for the Twitch service. But before proceeding, it will be a an excellent idea to use a port scanner to check if the server harbor is open. If so, make certain an application is listening come the open up port.

Launch the OBS application and also click top top Settings.Now steer to the Stream tab and expand the dropdown that the Server (for some far-off servers, girlfriend may need to lower the bitrate).Then pick a different server and apply her changes.
Change Streaming Server in OBSNow relaunch the application and also check if the OBS is clean of the server issue. If the concern persists, climate you may shot all the servers one by one in the OBS to type out the issue.

If girlfriend are having trouble finding the server, climate you may use the Twitch Test energy (or Ping the server) to find out the ideal server for you. For some services, friend can try also try the auto-configure alternative to fix the OBS issue.

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Solution 5: edit the tie IP alternative in the progressed Network Settings

The OBS application may fail to attach to a server if the bind IP alternative in the advanced Network settings is not properly configured. In this context, appropriately configuring bind IP might solve the problem.