This is a overview to the pursuit titled that Sheers and a Witcher i Sing indigenous The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out on to learn locations, rewards, best choices, best outcomes, and also useful tips and also strategy because that completing this quest.

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- Of Sheers and a Witcher i Sing -

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Is of Sheers and also a Witcher ns Sing worth It?

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All Blood and also Wine second Quests


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Search TitleLocationSugg. Level
- Mutual of Beauclair\"s Wild Kingdom -
- The indigenous of the Prophets room Written ~ above Sarcophagi -
- Till fatality Do You part -
- Using her Loaf -
- Vintner\"s Contract: Chuchote cavern -
- Vintner\"s Contract: Duchaton stakes -
- Of Sheers and a Witcher ns Sing -
- Fists that Fury: Toussaint -
- Gwent Quest: never Fear, Skellige’s Here! -N/A
- Amidst the Mill\"s Grist Count de la Croix\"s MillN/A
- Vintner\"s Contract: Rivecalme Storehouse Duchaton Crest37
- Wine Wars: Belgaard Plegmund\"s BridgeBelgaard Vineyard37 and 39
- Wine Wars: Consorting Plegmund\"s Bridge40
- Wine Wars: Coronata Forest HerbariumPittapatte flow Crossing37
- Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina Abandoned Storehouse42
- Wine Wars: Vermentino Dantan GladeHerbalist\"s HutPavone Slope37
- Big Feet to to fill -
- A Knight’s tales -
- Big Feet to Fill: The third Group -
- Big Feet to Fill: The fourth Group -
- Big Feet come Fill: The fifth Group -
- Extreme Cosplay -
- Knight for Hire -
- Raging wolf -
- A Portrait that the Witcher together an Old male The Gran\"placeBeauclair PalaceRosetree HillDuchaton Crest43
- The perks of gift a Jailbird -
- Big Feet come Fill: The an initial Group -N/A
- Big Feet come Fill: The 2nd Group -N/A
- Duck, Duck, Goosed! Land that a thousands Fables47
- Father knows Worst Doren Alma Estate37
- Goodness, Gracious, great Balls that Granite! Albertus Grotto36
- Gwent Quest: To everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament! Beauclair38
- Master grasp Master Master! Beauclair40
- No location Like house (Blood and Wine) Corvo BiancoN/A
- Paperchase Cianfanelli bank at The Gran\"place36
- The Hunger game Beauclair Port42
- The Warble the a Smitten article Corvo BiancoTrastamara searching Cottage35
- There deserve to Be just One Toussaint Prison43
- Turn and Face the strange BeauclairBeach near Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery35
- Vintner\"s Contract: clean Those Hard-to-Reach places Chuchote Cave43
- Vintner\"s Contract: Dun Tynne Hillside Gray Grotto40

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