The idea the something is conveniently forgotten or dismissed together unimportant if the is not in our direct view.

If you perform not check out someone or other frequently, you will forget around it. (Sometimes used to suggest that you will forget around people who have moved away.)


The use of ‘in mind’ because that ‘remembered’ and also ‘out of mind’ for ‘forgotten’ date back to the at least the 13th century. The earliest printed citation of a link with memory and also the sight of miscellaneous is in man Heywood’s Woorkes. A conversation conteynyng prouerbes and epigrammes, 1562, together reprinted through the Spenser Society, 1867:

“Out of vision out that minde.”

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Other Proverbs

Lo que agosto madura, septiembre lo asegura Agua de febrero, llena el granero A la tercera va la vencida Gallina vieja hace buen caldo

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