The very first ballad of the album, Lennon strips ‘Older 보다 I Am’ under to bare an honest piece of she heart and soul as a young adult with an abundance of responsibilities.An… review More 

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My heart's seen points I wish it didn'tSomewhere, I shed some of mine innocenceAnd I miss itI miss out on itStay up all night thinking it's twistedMy life's been survival of the fittestBut ns did itI did itI do all mine own healingManage all in my feelingsI don't ask because that help, no'Cause i don't require it, 'cause ns don't need itSometimes, i wish I might do something stupidBe kinda reckless while ns canSay ns don't offer a damnBut I'm older than I amI might get hurt and get some scars to prove itJust say come hell v all mine plans'Cause i don't provide a damnBut I'm older 보다 I am
Why am I constantly the one make decisions?How perform I take care of the pressure?I perform my best to fake the (Mmm)But honestly, I hate it (Mmm)Oh, I carry out all my own fightingI'm who I'ma confide inMaybe I require help, noI won't deny it, ns won't deny itSometimes, i wish I might do other stupidBe kinda reckless while i canSay ns don't give a damnBut I'm older 보다 I amI can get hurt and get some scars come prove itJust say come hell through all my plans'Cause i don't offer a damnBut I'm older 보다 I amOlder than I, older 보다 I, older than II'm older and I don't offer a damnI'm older than I am
The an initial ballad the the album, Lennon strips ‘Older 보다 I Am’ down to bare an moral piece of she heart and also soul together a young adult with an abundance of responsibilities.

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An enlarge sister, one actress, a musician… the list goes on the titles the encapsulate who Lennon is as a person and also with these and also many rather come obligations that together can take a big toll on someone fresh the end of their teenage years. In ~ only twenty years old, Stella sings so soulfully the ways in i m sorry she has matured so conveniently and adjusted to big emotionally and also physically draining lifestyles, and sometimes wishes there was a means she might feel the bliss of being complimentary from the points she’s at this time knee-deep in.


I’ve never felt much more connected to a song, and also it’s for this reason weird since I didn’t compose it. It’s one of those things where ns feel prefer it’s so close come me that i don’t also know that ns would have actually been may be to compose it. Once I heard this tune for the very first time, i was literally sobbing uncontrollably, and also I was very quick to put my vocal top top it and dive in and also make it feeling even much more like myself.

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