Hymn 626
METER: Through chorus.

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AUTHOR: Watchman Nee
COMPOSER: Stephen C. Foster
1Olives that have actually known no pressure
No oil have the right to bestow;
If the grapes escape the winepress,
Cheering wine deserve to never flow;
Spikenard just through the crushing,
Fragrance can diffuse.
Shall i then, Lord, shrink from suff’ring
Which her love for me would certainly choose?
Each blow ns suffer
Is true acquire to me.
In the location of what you takest
Thou dost give Thyself come me.
2Do my heart-strings need Thy stretching,
Songs divine to prove?
Do I need for sweet music
Cruel therapy of her love?
Lord, I fear no deprivation
If the draws come Thee;
I would yield in complete surrender
All Thy love of love to see.
3I’m ashamed, mine Lord, because that seeking
Self to guard alway;
Though her love has actually done its stripping,
Yet I’ve to be compelled this way.
Lord, follow to thy pleasure
Fully work on me;
Heeding no my human feelings,
Only do what pleases Thee.
4If her mind and mine must differ,
Still seek Thy way;
If thy pleasure means my sorrow,
Still my love shall answer, “Yea!”
’Tis my deep desire to you re welcome Thee,
Though I suffer loss;
E’en despite Thy delight and glory
Mean that i endure the cross.
5Oh, I’ll prayer Thee, e’en if weeping
Mingle v my song.
Thine raising sweetness call forth
Grateful praises every day long.
Thou hast made Thyself an ext precious
Than all else to me:
Thou increase and I decrease, Lord-
This is currently my only plea.

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