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The final martial arts battle finished in the previous episode, through a rather expected result. Now on come the monster combination revolution; we’re on episode 8 already.


Suiryu won the tournament, however only in theory. In his mind, the finds self contemplating his match against Saitama. Unlike the bulk of Saitama’s enemies (you know, choose the sexy ninja guy) his only goal is now to never see Saitama ever before again. At least there is one man in the whole display that can admit to his loss. Just as he quiet decides to take it easy from currently on, a bunch that monsters v hostages display up, and also leading castle is some guy who ate monster cells, like the guy in the vault episode. And his name is… that Goketsu. He wants to to convince the heroes to join him in coming to be monsters, and demonstrates exactly how weak humans are. Okay.

Some male with glasses goes because that it first. The swallows a whole monster cell and becomes incredibly gross. What a shame. I seem to have a thing for guys in glasses, and he destroyed it. Choze, the creepy ‘perfect genes’ man disposes the him and then follows in his steps. He gets a much more flamboyant monster form, less human yet less yucky. A couple of more uninteresting characters join. I hope this monster cells taste good, however I very doubt it.

Suiryu, less impressed (and having some actual good look that he will have to sacrifice if he turns into an ugly blob the muscle), asks a girl with a particularly skimpy outfit out, then decides to fight them. How banal. And also so the beats up most of them. He makes sure come scream the surname of each of his moves once beating increase Choze, which ns assume is an essential thing, since I more than likely wouldn’t be able to sleep without understanding the name of his punch. Finally, he it s okay beaten bloody by Goketsu. He division his hand and also finally beginning realizing the he most likely can’t win versus him. ~ a very long wait, Snek and Lightning Max sign up with to help… They’ve even dressed up. It’s super effective? Nope. One of the ugly martial artists eats a bunch of monster cells and gloriously kicks anyone ass. Just as Suiryu is around to die, and is beaten come the floor and also crying for help, Saitama ultimately shows up. Everyone wanting to guess what occurred next?

Back to the city, Watch-Dog guy shows turn off his skills (which room still a mystery to every one of us) through beating increase a bunch the monsters. Garou seems delighted to watch him in activity – well, at least he gets to watch him! he decides come attack, yet Watch Dog guy is faster and stronger 보다 he expects. Something come look front to, i suppose.

Than was a hard one

Apart from a lot of of really violent fighting and bloodshed, not lot happened in this episode. I just wish we’d obtain to view some an ext Saitama. I’m really tired.

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One Punch male Season 2

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