When you to be a kid, did you love jumping into mud puddles? I mean the dirtier the better, right?! You just jumped ideal in and also got messy.

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Well, I hate to break this to you, but it’s time to perform the same with her restaurant business. You can’t be fear to role your sleeves up and also get dirty!

In various other words, if other is worth having and growing, you have to be ready to placed in the work.

There is no substitution for tough work and also there is no shortcut for success. Don’t we all great there to be – just wave a magic wand or give a small twitch the the nose and poof. But life (especially business) just doesn’t work-related that way.

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That gift said, while girlfriend are putting in the tough work, you also have to it is in on the lookout for the opportunities. Due to the fact that if you space truly act the work, the avenues will find you. And that’s whereby the sweet point out lives.

Thank you for this week’s motivation, Mr. Edison!

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Action Step:

Do you have a difficulty you room trying to tackle? It might be you have a restaurant concept and also are looking for a great location. Or you aren’t seeing the earnings you should be. Or you require to far better train your staff. No issue the problem, the systems is the same. You need to tackle it step by action to prevent overwhelm. So take 10 minutes right now to sit down through a pen and paper and list out at the very least 2 actions you can take right now to fixing your problem. And also then continue your list v 2 measures for tomorrow, etc. Prior to you know it, the hard work won’t seem therefore hard!



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