Inside Llewyn Davis opens with among the film’s best musical moments. The camera simply concentrates on the location character, play by Oscar Isaac, to sing “Hang Me, oh Hang Me” in ~ the Gaslight Cafe. Isaac’s performance of the song is mesmerizing. He immediately draws the viewer into the time and setup of the movie.

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Hang me, five hang me, and also I’ll it is in dead and also gone;Hang me, oh hang me, I’ll be dead and also gone;Wouldn’t psychic the hangin’, but the layin’ in the grave so long;Poor boy, ns been all about this world.

The song stayed with me long after the movie ended. One could argue the no various other performance in the movie matches it. Check out Isaac’s opened performance from Inside Llewyn Davis.

Versions and also Sources that “Hang Me”

The movie performance made me curious to uncover out more about the song. The Coen brothers movie is loosely based on the life the Dave valve Ronk. Therefore the obvious first step because that anyone interested in the movie is to check out valve Ronk’s version of “Hang Me, five Hang Me.”

Van Ronk’s variation is a exorbitant recording and worth tracking down. Valve Ronk’s ex-wife Terri Thai created in The town Voice that among the ideal things about the movie is the it will lead people to inspect out valve Ronk’s music.

You may uncover Van Ronk’s variation of “Hang Me, oh Hang Me” on the CD Inside Dave valve Ronk

A an excellent guess is that man Childers might be the inspiration for the song due to the fact that of his last request to be hanged. Childers spoke for sixteen minutes ~ above the frame in 1873. Then his request come after the marshal made him an offer.

The marshal explained that he would certainly spare Childers if the condemned guy would reveal the surname of his accomplices. Adhering to his own code of honor no to rat on others, Childers swept his hand and asked, “Didn’t you say you to be going to hang me?” after ~ the marshal answered in the affirmative, Childers replied, “Then, why in hell don’t you!”

The Childers execution ongoing to tempt attention ~ Childer’s death. Some asserted that Childers escaped. Others declared that after ~ Childer’s body dropped through the trap, a bolt that lightening from a storm cloud win the scaffold.

But we may only guess just how much that the track we know today is based in fact. Because that example, singers might have added the gambling referral in part versions together a morality lesson for listeners.

The Song and also Hangings Today

Other versions may contain clues about the origins or may simply feature added details included long after the execution. Among the versions referred to as “Working top top the brand-new Railroad” describes railroad work. Below, Crooked quiet performs their variation of “Working top top the brand-new Railroad,” which also has few of the “hang me” lyrics.

There room a variety of other good versions the “Hang Me” and the assorted variations, including ones by Amos Lee and also Yonder hill String Band. Also, reportedly, Bob Dylan carry out the song throughout the 1990 foot of his “Never finishing Tour.”

The Deep Dark Woods make a lively version of the track the title monitor of their 2008 album, Hang Me oh Hang Me. I favor what they do with the song. Examine it out.

While hangings might seem a relic of the past, hanging is tho an choice for executions in Delaware, brand-new Hampshire, and also Washington. In plenty of ways, other present methods of killing prisoners also seem barbaric vestiges the the past.

States now have lethal injection as their primary technique of execution. But such executions still room not civilized, as displayed by a current 26-minute execution in Ohio.

Whether or no we will ever see a song around lethal injection that rivals “Hang Me, five Hang Me” might depend on just how much longer some states proceed to death prisoners.

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What is her favorite version of “Oh hang Me”? leave your two cents in the comments.