As mentioned in this question, inventory dimension is an worry in Diablo II. For this reason far, ns don"t plan on playing with others, so for me booty whoring is not an issue.

Given this, i am interested to know if to reduce loot ever before despawns and also if so under what circumstances. In various other words, if I"ve got a book of town Portal scrolls have the right to I simply keep loot to run over and over until I"ve choose up and sold every one of the reduce loot? If I"m play solo - is inventory size really an issue, or just much more of one inconvenience?



Items despawn depending on their quality:

Regular items and also gold disappear after precisely 10 minutes.

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Magic items will certainly disappear ~ 20 minutes.

Rare, Set, Crafted, and Unique items will disappear after lied on the ground for 30 minutes.

If you pick up the items (and autumn it), that resets the timer.




I deserve to only speak for video game play on yet items definitely do degeneration if left ~ above the floor too lengthy (5-10 minutes).

The order, from shortest time come longest, is white/grey, blue, yellow, green and also gold.

Unfortunately this means that rune worded items have the right to be the an initial to go.

This may not have happened in prior patches however certainly occurred in 1.13 and 1.14

Another user who proficient this is quote here.

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