From humble beginnings as the mommy of Mercy Mission, our Lady that Mercy Parish has become both a pillar of faith and also a beacon of hope for the city the Baton Rouge. Near independence Park in a donated building that had once to be a nightclub, the mission was developed in 1943 to offer the needs of civilization from the Goodwood area come the Amite River. The altar, initially from St. Joseph Church, was installed on the former bandstand. In 1947, our Lady that Mercy became an independent parish with Father luigi E. Marionneaux together the an initial pastor. In 1948, a surplus army chapel was relocated to recently purchased soil on Marquette Street. Lot of the work was done by volunteers; the altar to be relocated and also an old locomotive bell was mounted in the steeple. In 1953, an elementary institution operated by an all-lay faculty was opened for children of the parish. completed in 1956, the 2nd church andschool was specialized by Archbishop Rummel on September 24. In 1961, 4 Salesian sisters who had been expelled indigenous Cuba through Castro arrived at Mercy to learn English and aid staff the school. The Salesians at some point administered the school, and also they continued to be until 1992. The present church, committed in 1975, features fifty-foot vaulted ceiling of silver wood, in addition to the “floating roof ” effect developed by the high windows, suggest God’s tent. That is beautiful however abstract stained glass windows collection the tone for modern-day yet classic worship. The 4 archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, and Raphael guard its tabernacle. An enormous Schantz pipe organ which incorporates pipes native Mercy’s 1922 Hillgreen Lane body organ stands adjacent to the altar, signifying music’s tremendous contribution come liturgy. Unfortunately, the church was struck by lightning double –once in 1976 and again in 1984. In 1982, our Lady of Mercy began its participation in perpetual adoration, and a separate adoration chapel was built in 1995. Today, our Lady that Mercy Parish, with its main location and also excellent facilities, serves together gathering ar for worship and also fellowship for plenty of area Catholics, both parishioners and visitors.

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attend to The Catholic Life Center governmental Offices the the Diocese that Baton Rouge

Physical Address 1800 southern Acadian Thruway Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808-1698, USA

Postal Address short article Office box 2028 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821-2028, USA key Phone Number: 225-387-0561 key Fax Number: 225-336-8789

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Our Commitment to protecting the vulnerable

Victims that abuse, particularly by clergy or various other Church employees, are urged to report abuse an initial to ideal civil authorities. The Diocese that Baton Rouge also invites call over that is Emergency Hotline at 225-242-0250. Us will help in the procedure of heal in every way possible. Find much more information and also download the perform of credibly accused priest here. Donor information The roman inn Catholic Church that the Diocese the Baton Rouge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Every donations are tax deductible. EIN: 72-0550127. Much more information is accessible here.