Thank you for visiting the our Lady of the valley parish website! We have actually been offer Catholic believers and our regional community because 1963 celebrating God"s love v our participation in liturgy, prayer, service and also fellowship.

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Our Lady that the valley parish has actually been welcoming civilization from every backgrounds because that over 40 years. As a member of our parish family, girlfriend will discover many opportunities to learn, grow, give, and celebrate. To sign up with our parish and become an energetic member or member family, please visit the parish office or speak to us at 520-625-4536.

Click below for the Parish registration Form. Formsalso are accessible at the parish office or in the narthex. Return the completed type to the parish office by mail or in person or fall in the offertory basket.

Daily Mass in ~ 8:00AM Monday v Saturday Rosary at 7:30AM before daily fixed Weekend Masses - totally vaccinated parishioners all Masses, for the exception of 7AM i m sorry is following full protocols all Masses, will go back to normal. Saturday, 4:00PM Sunday, 7:00AM (full protocols) - 9:00AM - 11:00AM - 1:00PM (Spanish) - 4:00PM (4PM mass resumes on November 7th)Drive through distribution of the holy Eucharist complying with FaceBook LIVE Masses of 11:00AM and 1:00PM only in the south parking lotSacrament that ReconciliationWednesday following 8AM MassSaturday 3:00PM come 3:45PM prior to 4PM Mass
Parish Office is open up Monday with Thursday native 8:30AM to 12 Noon and 1:00PM to 4:30PM. Closed for having lunch from 12 Noon to 1:00PM.Fridays open from 8:30AM come 12 Noon.Visit the Parish website for additional assistance

PASTOR - Rev. Francisco R. Maldonado

DEACON - Joseph Roinick

DEACON - Frederick St. Jean

Click onAbout us tab because that the staff directory

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You can setup a one time offering for her Parish providing or setup a Recurring transaction.

You may also setup ACH with your bank to ours Lady the the Valley.

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Call the office at 520-625-4536 ext 106 for added information in methods to give your Parish Offering. Thank you.

EUCHARISTIC ADORATIONIs in the Church Monday with Friday complying with the 8AM Mass till NOON - if over there is a funeral with a rosary scheduled in the Church, Adoration will be relocated to the Chapel.Every very first Friday, 6:00PM to 10:00PMROSARY -Recited in Church top top Monday - Saturday at 7:30AM