As promised, large news arrived this day for the TONIKAWA: over the Moon because that You anime, which it is adapted the manga through Kenjiro Hata. If you to be hoping for the announcement of a 2nd season, you got your wish, and there’s additionally a “new episode” ~ above the way in enhancement to the followup.

Crunchyroll join in top top the funny to check plans that TONIKAWA season 2 will certainly stream ~ above the company alongside the Japanese broadcast. Check out the an initial teaser promo below:

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— TVアニメ『トニカクカワイイ』公式 (
tonikawa_anime) November 6, 2021

The second season has the staff and cast the the very first returning, including director Hiroshi Ikehata, collection composition writer Kazuho Hyodo, personality designer Masakatsu Sasaki, and animation production home Seven Arcs.

Series creator Kenjiro Hata additionally shared a celebratory illustration in English:


While us wait because that more, friend can catch up on the TV anime and also OVA ~ above Crunchyroll, which defines the series like so:

Nasa Yuzaki drops in love at very first sight after ~ an encounter v the secret Tsukasa. Once Nasa serious confesses his feelings, she replies, “I’ll date you, yet only if we’re married.” Nasa and also Tsukasa’s cute and also precious newlywed life of love is around to begin!

Via Crunchyroll

tonikawa: end the moon for you 12

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