Paula Abdul’s third solitary from Spellbound was the ballad “Blowing Kisses in the Wind.” The tune was exit commercially ~ above October 17, 1991. It was composed by Peter Lord.Lord played ”Blowing Kisses In The Wind” on a piano throughout a conference at the residence of a brand executive and also Paula instantly fell in love through it and wanted to document it for the album.The song was another popular hit because that Abdul, peaking in ~ #6 on the Billboard warm 100 and also at #4 in Canada.The video clip was command by large TV! aka Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom and produced through Jeremy Barrett for Limelight. Paula"s friend and fellow Laker Girl Cindy Picker choreographed the video.The music video features Abdul to dance on a theater stage, ballet-style v aerial dynamics that were additionally incorporated in her civilization tour. Like her other videos it was in heavy rotation on MTV.The video clip was released commercially ~ above VHS and is available for download top top the U.S. ITunes store.

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Australia 5" CD single VOZCD127:1. Blow Kisses In The Wind - Edit2. Punch Kisses In The Wind - LP Version3. Spellbound


united state Cassette single 4-98683:A1. Punch Kisses In The WindA2. SpellboundB1. Blowing Kisses In The WindB2. Spellbound

Blowing Kisses In The WindSo tell infant tellYour true heartSay what friend sayWhen you"re every aloneI"m trying, Trying to tryAnd feeling youAnd watch if i see, I"m emotion aloneAnd every I desire is, To acquire through so baby, you"d watch that theWay you"re leaving me, the won"t doIt"s like I"m...Chorus:Blowing kisses in the windGiving you love that youHaven"t been givenI overcome my heartAnd hope to dieI"m just wishing you"dLove me prefer IBlowing kisses in the windWaiting, waiting, waitingWaiting because that you isLike blowing, blow kissesSo you re welcome baby, pleaseRelease meIf time after time,Your heart"s growing coldI"m saying,If girlfriend don"t believeIn believingThen how could true love, ever be soAnd every I desire is,To gain throughSo perhaps you"d watch that theWay you"re leaving me, it won"t doIt"s prefer I"mChorus


solitary Credits created by P. LordProduced and arranged by: V. Jeffrey smith & Peter mr for the Neptune Factor, Inc.Vocals i ordered it by: Peter Lord, Sandra St. Victor & V. Jeffrey SmithLead vocals: Paula AbdulProgramming & keyboards: V. Jeffrey smith & Peter LordGuitar: Clifford "Moonie" Pusey IIBass: Myra SingletonString orchestra arranged & performed by Clare FischerOrchestra manager: Morris RepassBackground vocals: Peter LordRecorded at: Greene Street Recording, N.Y.C., Z recording Studio, BrooklynStudio Masters, L.A. Mad hatter Studios, L.A.Recording engineers: stick Hui, Greg Laney, Arne Frager, Don FeinbergAssistant engineers: Larry Mah, Robert Reed, Darren Mora, Matt Malles, Dan Wood, Wolfgang Aicholz, Thom RussoMixed by: Keith "K.C." Cohen at Larrabee Sound Studios, L.APublished by EMI song Ltd

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