There when was a king who available a compensation to the artist that could finest depict “perfect peace” in a painting. Plenty of artists gotten in the contest. The king looked at all the pictures. But there were only 2 he yes, really liked, and also he had to choose in between them.

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Painting a Portrait that Peace

One picture was a patience lake. The lake to be a perfect winter for calm towering mountains all approximately it. Overhead to be a blue sky with white clouds. All who saw this photo thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.

The other snapshot had mountains, too. But they were rugged and also bare. Above was an upset sky, native which rain fell and also in i m sorry lightning was visible. Under the side of the hill rumbled a foaming waterfall. This did not look tranquil at all. Yet wait!

When the king looked closely, he observed behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing in a cracked in the rock. In the shrub a mommy bird had constructed her nest. Over there in the middle of the sirloin of upset water, satellite the mommy bird on her nest.

Which photo do friend think won the prize? The king made decision the 2nd picture. Perform you recognize why?

“Because,” defined the king, “peace go not typical to be in a place where over there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace way to it is in in the midst of every those things and still be patience in your heart. The is the real definition of peace.”

We don’t live on a stagnant pond

I think numerous of united state would agree through the king’s words. By suffer we recognize that the arena the our day-to-day life is not choose a patience lake every the time. We don’t live top top a stagnant pond. Life is lived on a patience lake sometimes, but also on a lake that gets choppy and even periodically downright stormy. We have the right to all relate come the experience of Jesus’ disciples that is videotaped in mark 4:35-41.

In this passage, Jesus and the disciples sail end to the various other side that Lake Galilee. 2 things occur on this trip: Jesus drops asleep and a storm unexpectedly swoops under on the boat. The disciples panic and shake Jesus awake. Castle exclaim:

 “Rabbi, don’t you care if us drown?”


Sometimes we feel overwhelmed together well. Us think our boat is going come capsize. And also our attitude begins come be prefer the disciples’ attitude:

” Don’t you treatment Lord?” “Are girlfriend asleep?”

But that is not the mr who demands to it is in awakened come our circumstances, as much as that is we who should be awakened to the Lord. How does this happen? Philippians 4:6,7 speak us:

“Do no be anxious about anything, yet in everything, through prayer and also petition, v thanksgiving, current your requests come God. And the tranquility of God, i beg your pardon transcends all understanding, will certainly guard your hearts and also your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Practising the Lord’s Presence

Practising the Lord’s presence through prayer and also praise will overview us with the storms the life. Us invite His power and also presence in ours lives when we discover to trust and also worship the in the ups and also downs the life.

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May the Lord provide us an mindset of gratitude and prayer as we journey v this world with Jesus in ~ our side.

QOTD: room we cultivation in our endure of Christ’s peace and also power in the midst of our lives?