Looking for a fun band? discover Peat Moss and also The Fertilizers. They room the most animated, fun loving and talented team of performers ~ above the circuit today. Together because high school, this tight-knit group of friends have actually come a long way, with countless performances under your belt! their ever-expanding tune list that fun, upbeat product wows all music fans from any kind of age group.

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One thing heard time and time again around the tape is the they possess tremendous energy and also a love of their craft, which shines v in every performance. This gives the audience with a ‘vacation from reality,’ together one viewer remarked. Peat Moss and also The fertilizer will never ever let you down and also never leaving an audience unfulfilled. So gain on the dance floor, forget every one of your problems and be ready to dance the night away.



Members: Jim - Drums; Jon - Guitar, Vocals; Steve - Vocals, Keys; Tom - Bass; Greg - Keys, Guitar, Vocals

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Barbara helped us book Peat Moss and also the Fertilizers because that our wedding, and also I truly cannot say more an excellent things around both the them! The tape was amazing, and had anyone on your feet the whole time (literally). They really elevated our whole reception, playing all different varieties of music that everyone loved. Barbara assisted make the happen. She is a delight to job-related with! She reply every concern I had, no matter just how tiny, in a timely fashion and also made certain every request was taken care of. Once I asked about adding a female singer and also saxophone player, and how come play mine grandfather's old to sing recordings throughout the dinner break, she assisted coordinate with ease. Barbara make me feel choose family, and I cannot recommend her, and Peat Moss and also the Fertilizers, enough!

-Colleen G

We had actually Pete Moss and the fertilizers play in ~ our wedding! They to be great. They had such an excellent energy, sounded amazing and also kept united state dancing all night. Barbara to be a pleasure to job-related with. I had actually no doubt that every little thing would operation smoothly! they made our wedding so lot fun.


Hands under the best wedding tape there is. This guys and also gal retained the party walk the entire time! We had actually multiple civilization tell united state after the wedding exactly how much funny they were. Can’t wait to go see them live in ~ a Bar one of these nights!


Peat Moss was just the ideal at ours wedding. Castle were always playing to our crowd and the run floor to be packed the whole night. We had such a good experience and would recommend them to anyone searching for a fun band the gets the entirety crowd walk from start to finish.


Peat Moss had our dance floor packed every night. Among my guest said that at our wedding the 250 people, you could count on 2 hands the quantity of human being sitting under at any given time. They walk a great job of analysis the crowd and knowing what songs world in your 20s and also 70s would all enjoy. Barbara Klein was great to occupational with, and always friendly and also professional. Friend won’t regret picking them for your wedding!


First the all... There was never ever a doubt in my mind the I would certainly be utilizing Peat Moss and also the Fertilizers because that my wedding band. Our wedding was last night and I'm creating this ASAP because I desire to be able to express just just how amazing castle were. Barbara was always a pleasure to work-related with.. For this reason helpful and easy come speak to. Say thanks to you, Barbara! us did part non-traditional gateways into the agree hall, and also I was able to speak v Greg from the tape ahead the time to make sure every little thing would be perfect... And also it was.

Gosh ns don't also know just how I can write just how wonderful lock were. I've constantly enjoyed seeing them play in ~ bars.. And also I knew I want them at my wedding - long before I was engaged.

In fact, i booked them prior to I booked my venue. Your price is very reasonable compared to various other bands and also worth every penny. I've been receiving texts all day around how remarkable the tape was. These men are for this reason talented and the dance floor wasn't never ever empty. Even throughout dinner I just wanted to gain up and dance. I am so thrilled with our easy decision to have Peat Moss and also the fertilizers at ours wedding. Ns never had actually a doubt the they would certainly be exceptional - and they more than exceeded our expectations. Thank you so so so lot for making ours night the finest ever.

I to be so nervous to publication a tape - it have the right to really do or rest the night! however Pete Moss and the fertilizers were remarkable - civilization were talking around them every night and also for weeks afterwards. They have actually amazing range, and also learned new hits (T. Swift and also Dua Lipa :) that we requested.SUCH a good choice - us loved them. And Barbara is a delight to work with. She was our nicest merchant when we had to reschedule our wedding because of COVID. Highly recommend!

-Elizabeth M

Barbara was exceptional to work with! She to be so helpful from the first phone contact to ours wedding day. We determined Peat Moss and also the Fertilizers and they did not disappoint! anyone is still raving around the band. They retained everyone on the dance floor every night. Us were therefore happy they play every song we requested and even learned our wedding song. Give thanks to you Barbara and Peat Moss and also the Fertilizers because that a perfect wedding!


Everyone at our wedding raved about the band. Pete Moss made the party rock! lock played virtually non stop and their covers to be spot on! very recommend them if you desire to have actually a rockin great time!


We operated with Barbara to book the tape Peat Moss and The Fertilizers because that our wedding. The whole process was made so basic by Barbara, she was constantly quick to answer ours questions. The band was amazing! I would certainly recommend lock to any other brides in the area, specifically if you desire everyone dancing


Peat Moss and also the fertilizer (plus a 3 piece brass section) to be absolutely incredible and also a major highlight! We acquired (and are still getting practically a month later) so countless compliments about them. Lock really produced a an excellent celebration. They did an incredible project with our first dance song, the at one allude my mommy thought castle weren’t playing due to the fact that it sounded specifically like the recording. The run floor to be packed and also barely anyone to be sitting for more than dinner, and a few minutes because that dessert. As soon as the curfew set in and also they were no longer allowed to play, nobody was leaving and everyone available to pay everything the fine to be if they would certainly play an additional song! part friends inquiry the tape for a set list and also gave it to united state to store as a memento the next day (highly recommend). Us didn’t want the night to end but we’re lucky to have actually so many amazing memories. We really don’t have sufficient nice things to say. The tape couldn’t have been better! Barbara to be a satisfied to work and speak with throughout the planning process. She was constantly happy come answer questions and also is a true professional. She answers honestly and also won't lead you astray.


After a perfect ceremony, us were so ready for a perfect agree .. Which it was, in an excellent part due to "Peat Moss and The Fertilizers." They're the quintessential wedding band.

Letter perfect. Not also loud, yet really rocking .. Not overly sentimental however right in the sweet spot you want for such an essential day. As Godfather of the bride, ns so want the very best because that her, and they yes, really delivered. The run floor was packed because that every keep in mind of every tune. Ns emphatically introduce them. Did ns say they to be good?

Peat Moss and also the fertilizer did our wedding in NYC on might 18, 2019. We can not recommend them more! From begin to complete our suffer with the tape was amazing! Barbara and the tape listened to our every request, to be wonderful at communicating with us and making united state feel comfortable leading as much as our big day. The ceremony, cocktail hour and also reception music was every amazing! no one sat down all night as we danced the night away! The tape even available to find out the song we want our first dance to, no inquiries asked! We are still acquiring compliments from ours guests around how an excellent the band was! With how stressful wedding planning is, it was a breath of new air to resolve a firm and band that was therefore responsive and also really cared about making united state happy top top our big day!


Just had actually Pete Moss and the fertilizer play in ~ my wife's 40th. They were unreal! The whole party to be up dance the entire time. Music to be great! amazing vibe. Would extremely recommend castle for any event


Peat Moss had our dance floor packed all night. Among my guest said that in ~ our wedding of 250 people, you could count on two hands the lot of human being sitting down at any type of given time. They walk a great job of reading the crowd and also knowing what songs people in your 20s and 70s would all enjoy. Barbara Klein was great to work-related with, and constantly friendly and also professional. Friend won’t regret picking them for her wedding!


Barbara Klein to be a terrific talent agent, and also the band stood for -- Peat Moss and also the fertilizer -- lock were very talented, professional, and nice. I can't speak enough around her or the band. They had actually a wide selection of songs we could select from, and also were able to tailor their set list to our wants. The tape was a large hit at our wedding. We had tons of guests talking about them the night of, and days and weeks after. Thanks, Barbara! ns can't speak enough great things around your or Peat Moss.

We hired Peat Moss and also the Fertilizers for our wedding in July, based on seeing them at both mine sister's wedding and also another wedding. Barbara to be attentive and really helpful throughout the plan process.

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We rental the pianist to play throughout our ceremony and also cocktail hour... He play beautifully!

We asked for that the band discover two song for us that were coherent for our event. They go a fantastic job! everyone danced for the totality time... The dance floor was never ever anything much less than mobbed! i recommend Peat Moss and the fertilizer to anyone who would like to have an optimistic band who plays every genre of music the end there! They're for this reason friendly, and flexible, and they assisted to make the night.

Peat Moss and the Fertilizers to be absolutely remarkable at our September 7, 2018 wedding! my husband and I never ever left the run floor! They were so fun, entertaining, and also high energy. Us were thrilled that they learned our an initial dance song and my father daughter dance track as the song were no on their song list. It intended so much to us. They gone beyond our expectations and also guests are still raving around how fantastic they were!