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How well do you think you know Phineas and Ferb? simply play the point out the Diff video game to uncover out! execute you choose puzzles? provided to have fun solving riddles and other brain-games, when others obtained lost? Phineas and Ferb prepared another tickler to test her mind! To deal with the spot the Diff puzzle, girlfriend will need all your brain power and genius skills. Check out if you are as smart together Phineas and also Ferb are.

Pay close attention to the details!

Try to find all the tiny differences in this pictures and also celebrate your smartness. There are numerous levels with two picture on each one. The pictures could look similar at first sight, but shot to take a closer look and see little differences. Images have the right to vary in together tiny details such together eye color of few of the characters, or shadows on the wall, or other else.

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The point is the it`s not easy to spot these diffs! There are 8 distinctions on every picture. Find them all! click on the distinction when you uncover it. Hurry up, the time is limited! you will have actually 45 seconds to spot every the 8 diffs and also several secs to gain ready for the following level. You will not shed if girlfriend don`t find all the differences, but your last score will certainly not be at its greatest level, so, shot not come miss any kind of detail!

Each brand-new diff discovered will bring you one point. It is in careful, if friend click and also miss a difference, you will lose a point! an excellent luck, and also use all her senses to discover the differences.

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