Pillars of forever 2: Deadfire builds off the story presented in Pillars that Eternity. Because of this, developer Obsidian Entertainment has put a lot of things in ar to ensure the the history that football player crafted in Pillars of eternity transfers over to the 2nd game. This day we’ll show you just how to income your save file into Pillars of eternity 2: Deadfire. In enhancement to exactly how to import a save file, we’ll go over just how you make her own history if girlfriend don’t prefer the alternatives that the video game has offered you.

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How to import a Save document into Pillars of forever 2: Deadfire

Importing your save record into Pillars of eternity 2: Deadfire is the easiest means to move the story you produced in the original Pillars that Eternity right into the 2nd game. Not just do the options you make in the an initial game decision the history of the civilization you left behind, yet it likewise plays a big part in just how the video game starts, and also which companions you’ll come across from the first game.

As we said above, importing her old save record from the very first game is the easiest method to get this all collection up, but not everybody will have actually played the first game—or still have actually their save file sitting around. We’ll walk over some methods to setup the history of the civilization without a save file, however for currently let’s emphasis on our job at hand.


If you desire to income your Pillars of eternity save file into Deadfire, then you’ll require to proceed through the opened of the video game until friend sit down throughout from the Pallid Knight. Here you’ll be offered the alternative to pick the background that you want for Pillars that Eternity. If friend look down in the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll view the option to ‘Import POE1 conserve File’ click this, and it will open up a home window that SHOULD direct you come the save file’s location. If that doesn’t suggest you come the ideal area, you’ll should manually discover the save file directory top top your mechanism itself by trying to find it.

How to pick the background for Pillars of eternity 2: Deadfire

If friend haven’t played the an initial game or you simply don’t have actually your conserve file, climate there space several alternatives available. During your conversation v the Pallid Knight, you’ll be offered several different background options the were hand make by Obsidian. These feature quite a couple of different outcomes, and also each one includes a brief description that what you have the right to expect indigenous it.


If you’re like us, though, and also you want an ext control end the background than those large settings, then you’ll want to head earlier to the game’s main menu and also then head into the choices area. Right here you’ll check out an alternative to ‘Set PoE1 video game Stats’ on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click this to bring up a home window with several different breakdowns. Here you’ll discover full control over exactly how you encountered companions, significant scenarios in the first Pillars of eternity game, and also more. That course, the only thing that you really need to finish is The Hollowborn Crisis, the key scenario indigenous the first game.

Once you space content through your choices, earlier out of the background creator and also then start up a new game. Friend should have been given the option to name your history, and you’ll discover it in the list with all the others as soon as you speak to the Pallid Knight.

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Now that you’ve gained your history started, dive into our Pillars of forever 2: Deadfire overview for much more useful info and aid as you set off to uncover Eothas and stop him.