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As that east coastline neighbors in new York and Boston continue to thrive, the Chinatown in Washington, DC has actually shrunk to the dimension of a solitary city block close to downtown. As the Chinese American neighborhood has decamped because that the suburbs end the years, the local dim sum scene has followed to adjacent commuter urban in Virginia and Maryland.

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Established in 1851 on Pennsylvania Avenue, the initial Washington, DC Chinatown to be relocated by the federal government in 1929 come an area between fifth and 7th Street, Northwest, come make method for the federal Triangle Project. Chinatown residents remained in this brand-new area until beginning to relocate to the DC suburbs adhering to the city’s race riots in 1968. Today, the Chinese American community is most focused in cities like drops Church in north Virginia and also Rockville and Silver feather in Maryland.

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Without a stable, longstanding metropolitan Chinatown, the regional dim sum scene exists virtually exclusively in the suburbs, comparable to what you have in a city like Atlanta. In fact, you’ll yes, really only uncover dim sum in DC suitable at 2 places, Tony Cheng’s and also the Ping Pong chain. The dim amount restaurants around Washington, DC are typically solid, though they’re defined as much by your flexibility and mobility in service of the regional Chinese American community, together they space by your culinary excellence.

Formerly situated just throughout the grape max River indigenous DC, China Garden supplied to be your closet, most Metro-accessible dim amount option. That is proximity to the city, however, might mean lengthy lines top top weekends for a meal that was notable primarily for its convenience. China Garden has since closed.

If you’re up for a 30 minute drive, you’ll be rewarded through the Hollywood east Cafe and Gourmet Inspirations, which offer more modern-day dim amount dishes in bright, modern environments. You’ll discover all the staples here, and also fun homestyle prepare incorporating ingredients choose sweet Chinese sausage. If you press a bit additional north come Gaithersburg, you’ll find brand-new Fortune, residence to few of the finest dim sum in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area.

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Turning earlier south of the grape max to falls Church in north Virginia, there room two great options in ~ a stone’s litter of one another. Helpfully, Hong Kong Pearl Seafood Restaurant and Mark’s Duck House, specialize in seafood and also duck dim sum dishes, respectively.

Read on! here are the five finest dim sum restaurants to shot in Washington, noted in alphabet order and also shown on a map to help you find them.

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Where To discover The best Dim sum in DC


Restaurant Key: standard — big and boisterous, the complete dim amount hall experience. Elevated — superior views or ambiance produce a an ext refined dining experience. Modern-day — blend or innovative bring away on dim sum classics. Feet in the wall — the food’s the only reason to go, and that’s a great thing.


A. Gourmet Inspirations — Classic2646 university Blvd WWheaton, MD 20902

“Traditional Cantonese dim amount is a daily occasion at the year-old Gourmet Inspirations, i beg your pardon inherited the head kitchen employee of great Fortune ~ its 30-year run. It’s worth saving a visit because that weekends, once food carts laden through steamed buns, black-bean-sauced chicken feet, and savory domes that Eight Treasure sticky rice circle the banquet-hall-like room.” – Washingtonian


B. Hollywood east Cafe — Modern11160 Veirs Mill RdWheaton, MD 20902

“Hidden far in Wheaton mall this dim amount favorite offer bacon rolls through minced shrimp and also scallop and also watercress dumplings.” – Eater


C. Hong Kong Pearl Seafood — Classic6286 Arlington BlvdFalls Church, VA 22044

“The selection wasn’t as great as China Garden or Fortune, so i was disappointed in that, however it had my regular go-to items, consisting of my favourite sesame particle balls and pineapple buns.” – loss Church Times


D. Mark’s Duck House — Classic6184 Arlington BlvdFalls Church, VA 22044

“There space a couple of things to look for in an excellent dim sum and I easily went through my checklist. Hot and fresh? Check. Huge selection? Check. Great ratio of ingredient (i.e., several filling)? Check? Quick and efficient service? Check.” – two DC


E. New Fortune — Classic16515 S Frederick AveGaithersburg, MD 20877

“Along v the usual dumplings found at dim sum, brand-new Fortune digs a small deeper with extr entree-like items. Look for stir-fried crabs with ginger and scallion, deep-fried curry dumplings, or creamy and sweet walnut shrimp every day.” – Eater