pity this liven monster,manunkind,not. Progress is a comfortable disease:your victum(death and also life safe beyond)plays with the bigness that his littleness-electrons deify one razorbladeinto a mountainrange;lenses extendunwish v curving wherewhen till unwishreturns on its unself.A world of madeis not a people of born-pity poor fleshand trees,poor stars and also stones,but never thisfine specimen that hypermagicalultraomnipotence. We doctors knowa hopeless situation if-listen:there’s a hellof a an excellent universe following door;let’s go– e. E. Cummings

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Wahaj C. Says:
The poem begins by very first stating the key subject the is being analyzed, i beg your pardon is every one of humanity. The very first line states, “Pity this liven monster, manunkind.” In this sentence, the “busy monster” is actually all of humanity. The term itself would be humankind; however, the poet has created a brand-new word to explain what guy is and also what space its intentions. Manunkind is a fabricated word, but it is created in together context that it i do not care a native which describes how male is unkind. The is describing a humankind has come to be so completely exhausted and also hectic, that it has turned into a collection of pathetic monstrosities. By this heat alone i am may be to know the poets definition of what human being kind has actually turned into. It is evident that the poet has actually a negative outlook towards what mankind has involved be. He is inferring that over a period of time guy is progressed so far in every facet of life, including technology, medicine, and thought the it has actually turned into a monster there is no stop. In ~ the finish of the first line he talks of pitying humanity for what it has become, however he end this declare in the following line whereby he says,” Not.” right here he is taking earlier what he claimed of pitying mankind and he is start to adjust his ton on what he thinks of humanity. This city is critical look at humanity due to the fact that of its central theme; male sets himself over all others, no issue the cost. When guy does this, that is opening the route of indifference to ignoring the “little people” who then end up being disposable, therefore a monster is born.In the following line the states, “Progress is a comfortable disease…” In this heat he is stating just how humanity has only one will certainly on this planet and it is survival and also progression. Cummings puts this words into such context that it makes humanity seem together if the only thing that it is pertained to with is that s own breakthrough on this planet, such together an obsessed beast. Below he is stating the reason why mankind have to not be pities for it is bringing these scenarios upon itself, therefore it does no deserve any kind of sympathy. As soon as Cummings states development to it is in a comfortable disease, the is implying that mankind is trapped in an limitless cycle of rapid development, which has actually turned right into a fixation through disease-like qualities. The word progress is symbolic, due to the fact that it symbolizes all of what mankind has achieved in its quick term top top this planet. Progression represents the countless technologies the man has created and the numerous other inventions which have actually made life therefore easy. Modern technology is identified as other which provides life easier. This progress has actually caused humankind to lose sight that what life life is actually like. This progression, in words, has actually softened humanity causing it to rest in a comfort, yet spellbound in its own succession. This is because when they count on the advancement then they have actually lost a feeling to survive without it choose a device has decreased inherited human skill and also labor.In the next line Cummings states, “… her victim (death and also life for sure beyond)” This heat is meant to be described as a obstacle which male has faced countless times which both helps and yet restrains it from progression. This line indicates that fatality is the one opponent which mankind has actually not completely ended. It is what reasons us from advancing at an even faster rate. Yet without fatality there would be no life, so its is symbolic the something i beg your pardon slows down progression, in ~ the same time the is the fuel behind it emerging at all. Cummings additionally implies through these lines the death and also life, including whatever which keeps humanity intact, can be comes dangerously close to being ended by progress. Death and life are maintained at a specific balance, for they room the beginning and also end of every little thing living. Progression might reason the line in between the 2 to totally vanish, turning humanity into a truly horrific creature with no avoid to what its solitary purpose top top the planet is.In the following line Cummings states, “…plays v the bigness of his littleness.” right here Cummings is implying that mankind sees chin to it is in far an ext than it really is. This line describes how humankind has concerned see itself together all powerful and remarkable in the entire universe. That sees itself to it is in the only method of existence for the entire universe. However, that is ignorant come the fact that that is just a small speck in the center of endlessness. Humankind sees itself together a reduced above, however it go not completely grasp the concept of there being “more.” humanity does more than it is qualified of, thus creating a dangerous instance where humankind is oblivious to what that is true place is in the universe. Mankind celebrates the unsurpassed existence on this planet and also it has drugged itself to the point of unending missing euphoria. As soon as Cummings states, “electrons deify one razorblade right into a mountainrange…,” that is stating how humanity defies anything that may means the end of that existence. It is defying what is natural and physically feasible to prolong so far, the its little an interpretation such together an electron, has caused itself to unnaturally it is in as far-ranging as a mountainrange. This heat is a an allegory of liberal arts struggle come surpass everything.When Cummings states, “lenses extend unwish through curving where as soon as till unwish returns on the unself.” right here Cummings uses the lenses that telescopes or cameras whereby the lenses create a distorted check out of what is actually being seen. Cummings is using lenses in metaphorical terms to define humanity together a solitary giant organism which has distorted itself, such together what lenses do, leading to it come look at itself in a vague way, unaware of its yes, really appearance. The lenses has actually disillusioned mankind into perceiving who they are and also where lock live to it is in something the does no exist. This statement provides the existence of humankind seem nonexistent, v the sue that the prefix “un” Cummings is developing a sense of every little thing that humankind desires or strives to acquire or achieve was and is no actually there. Mankind perceives with a lenses thus creating a disillusioned way of existence.When Cummings states, “ A civilization of make is no a people of born-pity poor flesh and trees, negative stars and stones…” here the poet is implying that the points which guy has developed are unnatural. Through the way of the organic resources of the planet, man has actually molded these natural resources right into poor and pitiful inventions and also technologies. In ~ this point the tone of the poem begins to change, into a depressed and slightly upset voice. Cummings is implying that everything man has actually made is unnatural and therefore it is not “good.” he is stating how that ever since humanity has inhabited the planet, every point has come to be poorer and has declined in that is condition.

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Humankind is a toxicity which is distorting and destroying every little thing that is natural and therefore good. For this reason implying that mankind is evil and also it is what have to be blamed and everything that has fallen under that “reign” should not be held responsible but pitied for its condition.I am just in high institution so im not certain you need to really take many of this stuff because that real.