Team Magma Grunt1,400Koffing Lv. 35, Numel Lv. 35
Team Magma Grunt1,400Numel Lv. 35, Koffing Lv. 35
Team Magma Grunt1,480Mightyena Lv. 37
Team Magma Grunt1,480Golbat Lv. 37
Team Magma Grunt1,440Mightyena Lv. 34, Golbat Lv. 36
Team Magma Grunt1,480Numel Lv. 37
Team Magma Grunts (Horde)720Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18
Magma Admin Courtney3,900Camerupt Lv. 39

Team Aqua Grunt1,400Grimer Lv. 35, Carvanha Lv. 35
Team Aqua Grunt1,400Carvanha Lv. 35, Grimer Lv. 35
Team Aqua Grunt1,480Mightyena Lv. 37
Team Aqua Grunt1,480Golbat Lv. 37
Team Aqua Grunt1,440Mightyena Lv. 34, Golbat Lv. 36
Team Aqua Grunt1,480Carvanha Lv. 37
Team Aqua Grunts (Horde)720Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18
Aqua Admin Matt3,900Sharpedo Lv. 39

In regards to aesthetics, the 2 hideouts on every version have to be markedly different. However, that’s a superficial visuals theme; obviously, Team Aqua would have more water and Team Magma much more lava/earth.

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In every functionality, the two need to be - just like the initial Ruby/Sapphire - the same, thus making the so that the exact same walkthrough must suffice same well for both.


When you enter, Surf as much as the stairs and also enter the doorway beyond. In this area, you’ll discover a pair of teleporters. Go up the stairs and enter the teleporter nearby. Beyond, merely grab the Nugget and return. Walk west and north right into the following teleporter.

There, friend can discover several Grunts (one of whom is plainly not an admirer of your leader’s speeches). The one beside the monitor can be fought, as have the right to the one come his southeast. Use the teleporter near there next. This teleporter bring away you to a bunch the dorms.

Feel free to study a bed to heal your party . Friend can likewise go into the dining hall to the east to seize a Full Restore. ~ the theft, go earlier through the teleport and also north and downstairs.

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If friend want, you have the right to buy some drinks indigenous the vending an equipment nearby as you enter. As usual, Lemonades are the preferable ones. You can also find one Escape Rope beside the maker if soft drinks aren’t her (Pokémon’s) thing. Okay, moving on.

Go east from there and beat increase the Grunt. The room to the north has actually a couple of teleporters, so use the northwest one first. You’ll uncover a Max Elixir in the east side that the room beyond. Return v the teleporter, then usage the lab’s northeast teleporter and the one beyond that one.

In the next room, feel free to use an additional bed to rest, but the main attribute is the TM97 (Dark Pulse) in the corner. Dark Pulse is a great Dark-type special move, so watch if some of your Pokémon have the right to learn it.

Backtrack come the rap proper and then the hall southern of it. Walk east and also through the teleporter there. In the room beyond, walk north right into the laboratory to find a Nest Ball . Additionally defeat the Grunt west the the lab itself.

If you need yet one more healing, usage the path past the southwest teleporter of the laboratory (it leads to Tabitha’s/Shelly’s room, through the way). Use the southeast teleporter of the lab, climate the next one to the east; at the finish of the course in the following room, you’ll find a PP Max.

Return come the lab and use the teleporter north-northwest of the Grunt indigenous before. On the various other side, beat the Grunt come the west, then usage the teleporter south of him. You’ll more than likely remember this puzzle native R/S. Usage the left, middle, right, and also right teleporters the the rows you obtain to.

In the northwest edge of the room beyond, you’ll uncover a Nugget , two Electrodes to fight (they’re considered wild, so catch ’em if girlfriend want, but Light round Pikachu is better), and, many importantly, … a Master Ball !

The master Ball is a Pokéball the - within every non-cheating contexts - will certainly certainly record the Pokémon it is thrown at. You far better save it for something special!


Well, actually, pop part multi-target relocate user into your party’s lead before going west: you’ll it is in fighting a Trainer Horde battle next, which way five Pokémon against your one. Nevertheless of version, it will certainly be 5 Lv. 18 Poochyena.

Any multitarget relocate user - frequently your Surf user, Discharge native Pikachu, or someone through Earthquake or Bulldoze - will job-related adequately. The necessary thing is multitarget; also if they’re 1/3 her level top top average, five assaults per turn adds up conveniently if you handle them one in ~ a time.

And friend only obtain $720 because that this? What the heck?

After the fight, go west and also get the Max Revive hiding in the edge there. Go north of over there to uncover Courtney/Matt. The course, friend will fight them. Geez, Courtney is a bit of an oddball, huh?

In any type of case, it will certainly be a basic fight, just one Poké to deal with. Together usual, her Surf user have the right to handle Camerupt, and your Pikachu or an additional Electric or Fighting or Grass Pokémon quickly wipes out Sharpedo before too much can be done.

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With that done, just go far to the north and east and also use the teleport; Maxie/Archie will certainly leave without us it seems. Native there, just go south and outside.