Poplar Springs primary school School placed in the peak 50% the all colleges in phibìc Carolina for in its entirety test scores (math proficiency is height 50%, and reading ability is bottom 50%) because that the 2018-19 college year.

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The percent of students achieving capability in math is 43% (which is higher than the phibìc Carolina state median of 42%) because that the 2018-19 college year. The portion of students achieving capability in reading/language arts is 41% (which is lower than the north Carolina state mean of 46%) for the 2018-19 institution year.
Minority enrollment is 10% that the student body (majority Hispanic), which is lower than the north Carolina state average of 52% (majority Black).
Poplar Springs elementary School"s student population of 437 students has actually stayed reasonably flat over 5 school years.





Poplar Springs Elementary school is ranked in ~ the peak 50% of every 2,571 institutions in phibìc Carolina (based turn off of linked math and also reading proficiency trial and error data) for the 2018-19 college year.
The diversity score of Poplar Springs Elementary college is 0.19, which is much less than the diversity score at state mean of 0.68. The school"s diversity has stayed relatively flat over five school years.

The nearest high school and middle institution to Poplar Springs Elementary college is Meadowbrook Academy (3.1 miles away)
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