MCU: 10 Moments that Prove Tony Stark has A heart The MCU exists due to the fact that Tony Stark has actually a heart, a allude he proves time and time again throughout the franchise, native its bear to his unfortunately death.

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once Tony stark is injured at the start of steel Man, his actual love is precise endangered. Afterwards, the an unified powers that his arc reactor and his public image, world do not seem to think that Tony stark truly has a heart. However, the opposite might not be more true.

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If Tony distinguishable didn"t care so much around the world and also the civilization in it, he"d never come to be a figure like stole Man. He never ever would have actually joined up through S.H.I.E.L.D., or helped to form the Avengers. The MCU exists since Tony Stark has actually a heart, a allude he proves time and also time again transparent the franchise, indigenous its birth to his unfortunately death.

Obadiah taking away Tony's arc reactor
after ~ Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark, passed away while Tony to be still young, his father’s business partner, Obadiah Stane, ended up being something of a father figure to Tony. Obadiah’s opinion and also approval typical a lot come Tony. In addition, Obadiah is still involved with distinguishable Industries, for this reason there’s a the majority of moving components to their relationship.

However, in Iron man (2008), after the becomes clean to Tony the Obadiah has betrayed him and also is walking to cause untold destruction, the fights tooth and nail to stop Obadiah. No issue the cost to himself — physically, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise — Tony Stark renders sure to put others over himself.

Tony Stark and also James Rhodes in iron Man and War an equipment suits
The events of stole Man and also the results of the various other MCU movie to this suggest make it an overwhelming for Tony to cope with every little thing that’s happened. Together a result, that spirals the end of control; also his best friend, James Rhodes — or Rhodey, likewise known together War an equipment — finds it complicated to with him in this state.

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Towards the end of Iron male 2 (2010), though, it’s clear to Tony that he’ll need help to avoid Ivan Vanko, or Whiplash. Tony reaches the end to his finest friend, and also Rhodey helps him loss Vanko in ~ the climax of the movie, along with his numerous friends. There is no Tony Stark’s ideal friend Rhodey and also the love lock share, this would have actually gone a much various way.

The Avengers Bruce Banner Tony Stark
among the best-known catchphrases in comics belongs to Bruce Banner: “Don’t make me angry. Girlfriend won’t like me when I’m angry.” once angered, frustrated, and sometimes also startled, Bruce Banner is capable of unavoidably bursting right into the incredible Hulk, a big, environment-friendly rage machine. In The Avengers (2012), once Bruce is introduced to the remainder of S.H.I.E.L.D. And also the budding Avengers team, though, Tony Stark no treat him prefer a time bomb or a monster.

Instead, Tony reaches out to Bruce, befriends him, and also even look at the Hulk together a part of him, not something to be hated or feared. Tony’s heart and also his friendship are far-reaching for Bruce Banner, and obvious to the audience watching.

7 Sacrificing self For brand-new York

when Loki and also the Chitauri fleet invade planet through the wormhole above brand-new York City, the rest of the world panics the the intrusion will spread elsewhere. Together a result, the human being Security council decides to launch a missile ~ above Midtown Manhattan, fully wiping out the entire area of every life. Tony Stark knows this can’t happen, and so, in his Iron man suit, at the orgasm of The Avengers (2012), Tony bring away the missile and flies it back up with the wormhole that Loki offered to involved Earth.

When the nuclear missile detonates in space, the Chitauri mothership is destroyed and also the intrusion ends; however, Tony Stark practically dies. Bruce Banner — and the incredible Hulk — save his life. Without Tony’s heart, he never ever would have actually made the sacrifice — and also never would have made the link to have actually been saved, either.

Iron guy 3 (2013) find Tony Stark even worse off than he was in Iron male 2. The events of The Avengers have had actually a solid impact on Tony, and also he’s terrified of no being able to protect human being or be sufficient as stole Man. However, Tony realizes what important matters when he think Pepper Potts has actually passed away together a an outcome of his actions.

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In fact, Pepper had actually been offered Extremis powers, and she survives. Not only that, yet Pepper saves Tony’s life. At the point, Tony realizes that his love is much more important than his strength or his capacity to protect, and he orders J.A.R.V.I.S. To destroy all the Iron male suits come prove the point.

5 throwing A Party because that The Team

one of the things audiences watching the MCU movies in theatre were most excited to check out was the Avengers team acting choose friends. Once Avengers: period of Ultron (2015) came out, audiences lastly got to view that for what was really the an initial time on display in this live-action fashion.

As period of Ultron opens, Tony Stark has actually thrown a party because that his other teammates. It’s clear how comfortable castle all are together, and also they all gain one another’s company. Tony’s initiatives have gone a long way to hold together the team, and his heart is a most the reason that the Avengers space so deeply bonded.

though it end in tragedy, Tony Stark does have great intentions as soon as he activates Ultron in Avengers: period of Ultron. Bruce Banner seems to know that their regimen wasn’t prepared yet, however Tony pushes also far. The does it for a an excellent reason, though: Tony is do the efforts to protect the Earth. Ultron’s objective is to defend the Earth, since the Avengers can not be everywhere and doing every little thing all the time. When Ultron recognizes humans as a risk to the Earth, however, points go dreadful sideways.

This is evidence sufficient that Tony Stark has actually a heart, though, because, if he didn’t, he never would have cared sufficient to fight so tough to safeguard the planet in the an initial place.

3 Being vulnerable With Steve

each of the main three Avengers teammates — Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and also Thor — acquire their own trilogy in the Infinity Saga of the MCU. However, Steve Rogers’ third movie, Captain America: polite War, is other of one Avengers movie, as well. Tony Stark components heavily into the film and also its plot.

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Tony and also Steve space at odds in this movie, together friends, together teammates, and also as heroes, and also Tony feels that he needs Steve on his side because that this. He implores Steve to see his side of things, being exceptionally vulnerable with his friend. Though it doesn’t work, Tony bares his love on his sleeve, proof enough that he has actually one.

though in most canon interpretations the Peter Parker, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man renders his very own suits and equipment himself, the MCU incarnation obtained Tony Stark together a mentor. This go further construct Tony’s character in part ways, together he looks for to much better himself v his indict of Peter. He sees himself together something that a father number to Peter, even if the doesn’t desire to admit it to self or anyone else, really.

It’s clear the he cares about the kid, and also becomes even an ext clear after ~ Peter is a victim the the Snap in Avengers: Infinity war (2018). Losing Peter has actually a heavy impact on Tony relocating forward.

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1 do The ultimate Sacrifice

when Thanos comes to Wakanda come fight the Avengers and the other forces against him, the becomes crucial for one next or the various other to obtain the Infinity Stones once again. Carol Danvers, also known together Captain Marvel, destroys Thanos’ warship; other heroes native the MCU appear through portals produced by Stephen Strange, yet still, this isn’t enough. Tony Stark to know that, and also he steals the Infinity Stones, puts lock in his very own gauntlet, and restores balance come the universe.

Thanos and also his pressures disintegrate, stays are restored, but Tony dies as a result. As Avengers: Endgame (2019) comes to its climax, Tony to know what should be done and, prove he has a heart just in time because that it to avoid beating, makes the ultimate sacrifice.

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