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Prices are estimates and are only intended to administer directional information. Girlfriend should contact the funeral residence to gain a general price list and confirm accessible services before making acquisition decisions. Discounted packages may also be available.
This is the fee because that the an easy organizational solutions that the funeral residence will provide. This dues is usually mandatory.

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This is the fee because that the funeral home to come pick up her loved one and bring him/her come the funeral house for preparation.
This is the fee because that the embalming process. Embalming is typically not compelled if appropriate refrigeration is available.
This is the fee because that the solutions the funeral house will carry out during a visitation or viewing. This is generally forced if you would favor to organize a viewing and visitation at the funeral residence or if you will be needing any kind of assistance native the staff.
This is the fee for the services the funeral house will carry out during a funeral or memorial service. This is generally required if girlfriend would choose to hold the company at the funeral house or if you will be needing any type of assistance native the staff for the service.
This is the fee because that the services the funeral home will carry out during a graveside service. This is generally compelled if you will certainly be needing any type of assistance from the staff for the service.
This is the fees to deliver your loved one indigenous the funeral house to funeral events (or in between events) in a hearse.
This is the expense to acquisition a casket native the funeral home. Girlfriend may choose to purchase a casket online or elsewhere, if you'd wish.
This is the price to acquisition a burial vault from the funeral home. A interment vault is required for most cemeteries, however you may choose to purchase one virtual or elsewhere, if you'd wish.
This is a typical price to acquisition funeral flowers. You may purchase flowers through the funeral house or separately, if girlfriend wish.
This is the fee come purchase published funeral programs. You might purchase programs through the funeral home or elsewhere, if friend wish.

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Cindy McNutt — The sudden death of my husband was the most disastrous thing I have actually gone through. Together with his death came every one of the planning and arrangements that required to be made. It was so an overwhelming to think v all those details! My girlfriend recommended the Prugh-Thielen Funeral Home, and I was so glad... Read more she did. Native the minute I stepped with their door, ns felt as if ns was in good hands during this difficult time in mine life. Lindsay Oliver go us with every action of the procedure of what we necessary to carry out for my husband's arrangements. Whatever at the funeral home was beautifully set up, and also everyone to be kind and helpful, and also the concern and also kindness continued after mine husband to be laid to rest.No one wants to go with arranging because that the fatality of a love one, however if there ever comes a time wherein I ever have come go v this again, i will usage the solutions of Prugh-Thielen Funeral Home and the kind, professional aid of Lindsay Oliver. Read less
Sharon Lewis — They did everything feasible to do the to plan as easy on me as possible. They also help with all the paperwork afterwards. I certainly recommend Prugh Funeral organization to anyone who is in need of such services.
Marty Cornick — The employee was very sympathetic and supportive of me and my family's needs. Certainly recommend Prugh and also Prugh-Thielen Funeral services for all of your arrangement needs.
the evaluation on Google ~ above July 12, 2021, 12:31 p.m.
Melissa Olson — Made together a tough time easier. I’m really grateful!
reviewed on Google top top June 25, 2021, 6:10 p.m.
Chasity Beelner — ns would very recommend the amazing staff in ~ Prugh for any funeral needs. Mine father moved to Burlington just a couple months prior to his passing, and we room not native the area. At the moment of his suddenly passing, I had no idea just how to proceed. Or who to choose for a funeral home since we had no pre-planning... Read more completed. Ns feel for this reason blessed we decided them to help us v this daunting process. They answered every question and guided us through every part of the process. Mine Dad's fatality was treated through respect and also care. They have reached the end to us due to the fact that his happen to check on us, recognize his birthday, and also offer advantageous information. Read much less