Some PS4 individuals report that they obtain error CE-33984-7 when trying to connect to the network, and also the error code comes v a post "cannot acquire an IP attend to within the moment limit". To resolve the problem, MiniTool Partition magician puts with each other some effective solutions.

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As you know, PS4 CE-33984-7 is an Internet link error. It typically happens ~ failing to obtain IP address. Some of the possible reasons because that this difficulty are listed below and also you have the right to have a look.

PSN server issueThe console is not collection as primaryAutomatic connection setup assigns the wrong values

Solution 1: inspect the PSN company Status

PS4 error CE-33984-7 can happen since of a server difficulty which leader to a timed-out connecting during the PSN sign-in process. Prior to you begin troubleshooting the problem, you should make sure there space no PSN server issues.

Please visit the PSN organization Status Page and also check if over there is any type of problem with Account management or playstation Store.


If the PSN status web page displays any kind of problems that can influence her network connection, you have the right to only wait for the concern to be fixed by Sony. Please check this page regularly then.

Otherwise, if the PSN company status is fine, girlfriend should relocate on come the following solution.


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Solution 2: Restart or Reset her Router

If PS4 CE-33984-7 error has actually nothing to perform with the PSN Service, girlfriend should inspect whether her router functions properly. Problems related come router normally happens when there are lot of devices linked to the same network.

Please disconnect the unnecessary devices. If you still encounter the error, you need to restart your router through cutting off the power and also waiting because that at least 1 minute. Then strength on the router. If this doesn’t work, either, please shot resetting the router.

Solution 3: Activate the Account as the major Device

Some users have actually fixed PS4 error CE-33984-7 by setting the account as main on your console. This have to be useful if the PS4 CE-33984-7 error happens while attempting to accessibility digitally purchase media. You deserve to referrer come the complying with steps to shot this solution:

Step 1: run your PS4 and go to Settings.

Step 2: choose Account Management > Activate together Your primary PS4.

Step 3: In the complying with window, pick Activate. If her account has been set up as main already, you should shot deactivating it and also activating it again.

After that, please restart her PS4 and also check whether the error disappears.

Solution 4: collection up the link Manually

Another way to resolve error CE-33984-7 is to set up the connection manually.

Step 1: Navigate come Settings > Network.

Step 2: In the following window, pick Set Up internet Connection. Then choose Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable according to your own case.

Step 3: in ~ the next screen, choose Custom to get full regulate over the values as soon as you are asked just how you want to set up the internet connection. Because that wireless network users, you need to select the network you want to connect to.

Step 4: because that IP attend to Settings, pick Automatic uneven you want to collection up a tradition IP or connect directly via PPPoE.

Step 5: because that DHCP host Name, choose Do no Specify.

Step 6: for DNS Settings, pick Manual. Then configure Primary DNS through and also Secondary DNS through These room the Google DNS values and might help you solve the error CE-33984-7.

Step 7: for MTU Settings and Proxy Server, choose Do not use.

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Now, you have to test the Internet link for her PS4 and check if the error has actually been solved. If friend still conference the problem, you can need come power-cycle your console. This has actually been proved efficient for some customers who are dealing with the concern caused by corrupted short-lived data after an unexpected system interruption or a poor update.