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An album addresses the age in i m sorry it pertained to life and often foreshadows the future.  

Launched in 2000, the Punk Goes… series embodies every ebb and flow of popular society for nearly twenty years—with a twist. As such, the Fearless documents staple holds the distinction of being “the top-selling compilation in the alternative genre,” tallying accumulation album sales in overabundance of 2.5 million and nearly a-quarter-of-a-billion streams to date. That is eighteen quantities encompass Punk go Pop, Vol. 1-6, Punk Goes classic Rock, Punk go 80s, Punk walk 90s, Vol. 1-2, Punk walk X, Punk go Crunk, Punk goes Acoustic Vol, 1-2, and Punk goes Christmas. The directory boasts exclusive contribute by multiplatinum award-winning talent—ranging indigenous A Day to Remember, All-American Rejects, and Rise Against to climb Pierce the Veil, all Time Low, resting with Sirens, and also Asking Alexandria. Not to mention, the legacy includes multiple top 20 debuts top top the Billboard Top 200 and Top 5 entries ~ above the height Independent Albums Chart, Top modern-day Rock/Alternative Albums Chart, and Top rock Albums Chart. It offered as a game-changer for countless acts including this evening Alive, A Skylit Drive, and Juliet Simms housing their “most-streamed” songs. 

Now of legitimate voting age, Punk Goes… reintroduces chin in 2019 by way of Punk goes Acoustic, Vol. 3. The nineteenth rate welcomes acoustic contributions from the likes that Mayday Parade, Taking back Sunday, Underoath, set It Off, Grayscale, Circa Survive, and more. This time around, an A-list roster delivers stripped-down interpretations of pan favorites and a few surprises.  

As the recent volume showcases an additional side of heavy music, alternative, and also punk royalty, it likewise boldly extends the legacy of Punk Goes… 

Follow a selected journey of the collection thus far below: 

Punk walk Metal (2000) 

This one began it all! Punk powerhouses tried your hand at metal favorites. Amongst many highlights, AFI obtained down and also dirty on “My Michelle” by firearms N’ Roses, and brand-new Found Glory got to for Sunset strip immortality on Warrant’s “Heaven.” Notably, it set a precedent for originals also with The Aquabats! getting heavy top top “Why Rock?”  

Punk goes Pop (2002) 

Punk and also metal can not it is in the strangest bedfellows, but punk and also pop top top the various other hand… 

The starting Line took on “I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez and a pre-Fyre Festival Ja Rule. Stretch Armstrong tackled P!nk’s “Get This Party Started.” Meanwhile, Yellowcard’s rendition of Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere” racked increase 3.8 million Spotify streams. 

Punk goes Acoustic (2003) 

Punk go Acoustic would be the first Punk Goes… album to entirely forego covers. For the very first time, it specifically featured originals broken down come the ceiling essentials on acoustic. Finch’s “Letters come You” surpasses 1 million-plus Spotify streams. 

Punk go Pop, Volume 03. (2010) 

Who would’ve imagine Miss may I adding metal to the JAY-Z, Kanye West, and also Rihanna smash “Run This Town?” Well, they did on this one and cracked 3.8 million Spotify streams. Woe, Is Me turned up the heat on Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” and put down 4.3 million Spotify streams. 

Punk goes X (2011) 

For Punk walk X, Fearless records united with ESPN’s X games for a high-profile partnership. The touts a bevy of bangers played during the 2011 Winter X Games courtesy of Breathe Carolina, the word Alive, Miss may I, and more. 

Punk goes Pop, Volume 4 (2011) 

Punk go Pop, Volume 4 can be cited as the “most-streamed compilation in the series.” The total number of Spotify streams eclipses a staggering 81 million. Tonight Alive’s “Little Lion Man” holds the difference of “most-streamed song in the series” with a whopping 22.8 million Spotify streams. It likewise became the band’s “number one most-streamed song.” This would be followed by Pierce The Veil’s “Just the way You Are” (14.5 million Spotify streams – and also the band’s tenth most-streamed song), A Skylit Drive’s “Love the means You Lie” (13.5 million Spotify streams – and also the band’s number one most-streamed song), Woe, Is Me’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” (8.5 million Spotify streams), Silverstein’s “Runaway” (7.7 million Spotify streams), Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s “We R that We R” (6.8 million Spotify streams), and also The Downtown Fiction’s “Superbass” (5.6 million Spotify streams – and also the band’s 2nd most-streamed song). 

Punk walk Pop, Volume 5 (2012) 

The release stands the end as the 2nd in the series to crash the Billboard Top 200, landing in ~ #16 and selling 21,000 copies. It additionally made tide at #4 top top the top Independent Albums Chart, #2 on the Top modern-day Rock/Alternative Albums Chart, and #5 ~ above the height Rock Albums Chart. Mayday Parade’s “Somebody the I provided To Know” sold 15,000 copies first-week and soared to the height 20 the the Billboard Rock Songs and also Heatseakers Charts. Proceeding the streaming success, Memphis might Fire’s “Grenade” clocked 11 million Spotify streams and became their 2nd most-streamed song, and also Issues’ “Boyfriend” mustered up 10.1 million Spotify streams as their third most-streamed song. 

Punk goes Pop, Volume 6 (2014) 

Punk goes Christmas: luxurious Edition (2015) 

It homes both covers and originals, making that a unicorn in the pack. August Burns Red tape-recorded the “Home Alone Theme,” ya filthy animals! 

Punk walk Pop, Vol. 7 (2017) 

The most recent installment made tide throughout the rock world. The streaming success continued, extending Andy black’s “When us Were Young”

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Juliet Simms> (6.4 million Spotify streams – and Simms’ number one most-streamed tune and Black’s 4th most-streamed song), Grayscale’s “Love Yourself” (3.2 million Spotify streams – and the band’s 3rd most-streamed song), new Years Day’s “Gangsta” (2.8 million Spotify streams – and the band’s 3rd most-streamed song), and more. In addition to features by Rock Sound and Kerrang!, Substream awarded it 4.5-out-of-5 stars in a glow review. The Frontrow Report summed that up best as “one the my walk to albums that the summer.”