Nightmare on Elm Street: Why no Killing Quentin Smith was A wrong Quentin smith from A Nightmare on Elm Street"s 2010 remake survived in addition to Nancy — the would-be final girl. Here"s why this to be a mistake.

It was a wrong on the part of the 2010 A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street creators to no kill off the personality of Quentin blacksmith — here"s why. The American slasher film, which was directed by Samuel Bayer and written by Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer, is a work again, please again of Wes Craven"s 1984 cult standard horror movie that the very same name, i m sorry spawned a franchise of ripe movies. The story that the 2010 remake focuses on a group of teenagers living in a fictional town in Ohio. Together in the former Nightmare movies, they are stalked and also killed in their dreams by the terrifying rogue Freddy Krueger.

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This 2010 project was a significant attempt come reboot the Nightmare franchise. Overall, the filmmakers want to use Craven"s original vision, but make the story lot scarier. To execute so, they ended up remove the one-liners that Freddy Krueger is recognized for spouting. For example, in the earlier movies, a couple of his well known lines included, "Sticks and stones may break mine bones, yet nothing will ever before kill me" and "Now I"m playing with power"; the last was claimed while he"s managing a video game. The remake"s writers took the end those comical elements and also made Freddy"s personality darker and scarier; they also adjusted his backstory to it is in a child molester rather than a mere son killer. Moreover, Freddy"s physical appearance was changed for this movie to show up scarier and an ext realistic. The filmmakers also got a new actor - Jackie Earle Haley - to play the dream stalker, quite than sticking v Robert England, that disliked the reboot.

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The movie ended up generating mostly an adverse reviews native critics, but did gain attention from horror movie fans and ended up grossing much more than $63 million in ~ the domestic box office and more than $115 million worldwide, making the the second highest-grossing movie in the franchise after 2003"s Freddy vs. Jason. In spite of its success at package office, mistake were definitely made in this movie. Wes Craven also reportedly express his unsympathetic at not being consulted during the film"s development. One crucial mistake that was make was having Quentin blacksmith (Kyle Gallner) endure the story, particularly given the root of his character. While it likely wouldn"t have been sufficient to save the work again, please again completely, that would have kept an ext true come the soul of the original and also slasher movie traditions.

A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street - Freddy 2010
The key reason Quentin should have actually been killed off is since his survival finished up knee-capping the arc the Nancy Holbrook (Rooney Mara) and also her standing as the movie"s final girl. If the "final girl" fear movie trope had actually certainly become a stale formula by the moment this movie was released in 2010, with plenty of more modern films abandoning it completely so regarding avoid predictability, it nevertheless remains a classic and key element the slasher movies. This is particularly true in the situation of the Nightmare movies, which end the years experienced Nancy - and also other women characters, prefer Kristen Parker and also Alice Johnson - together the last girls who save the day and defeat (even temporarily) Krueger.

Perhaps Quentin"s survival in the movie is together a remarkable mistake due to the fact that of what taken place to his personality after the credits rolled. Quentin"s personality went on to garner a cult fan following and even appeared in the horror video clip game Dead by Daylight - which in reality does not feature Nancy Holbrook or Thompson (from the initial 1984 movie) together playable characters. Overall, it ultimately would have been better if Quentin was killed off before the ending of A Nightmare top top Elm Street. Instead, the movie attributes Quentin together the key protagonist the the story"s last events, through Nancy greatly pushed to the side despite the plot point of her mother being killed.

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In the ending of the A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street remake, Nancy is pulled v a mirror with Freddy and disappears, if Quentin is the last guy standing. While the was an attempt at uniqueness and also was absolutely surprising, this choice abandoned long-standing genre heritages that could have been upheld - and also even subverted - while still allowing its heroine to take the lead.