On Friday afternoon, fast Quack vehicle Wash in Lubbock made an notice on Facebook.

It said:

Quick Quack car Wash in Lubbock is currently Mighty Wash.

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Please call Mighty wash with any questions at 806-771-2349, and also they will help you. Mighty Wash has actually locations ~ above 82nd St., Quaker, and 19th St.

Thank you because that being a faithful customer come us, us appreciated your business.

Quick Quack is recognized for that is signature giant duck in ~ its organization locations.

The Facebook page for the ar at 8002 university Avenue stated the status of the business is “permanently closed.”

The locationon 50thStreet and the Quaker avenue location additionally said on facebook that customers must go to Mighty Wash.

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CLICK HERE to watch the facebook post.

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