There"s a new way to quickly get strange Coins in Destiny offering you the possibility to earn potentially an unlimited number of Strange Coins. Usually you"re walk to usage a recurring strategy across different personalities backed increase by the Vault.Strange Coins room the guaranteed technique of obtaining Exotic tools in Destiny by trading through Xur. He accepts 13 coins because that Armour and 23 because that Exotic Weapons. Of course you can still gain Exotic weapons by commerce in Engrams and lucky drops yet it"s the happy of attract with those - and also we all know just how much of an arse the Cryptarch deserve to be!To make this cheat job-related you should earn a hell that a lot of Glimmer, and be all set for Xur once he arrives at the Tower.Warning: This an approach will get patched through Bungie so reap it if it"s quiet hot!!

Step by Step

Ok, here are the measures for earning limitless Strange Coins1. Earn tonnes that Glimmer
First that all, knife the maximum lot of Glimmer to reach the Glimmer cap. The more you knife the more coins you can gain in one go so shot and get to the limit.Make usage of your Idols for this reason you enjoy the benefits of farming adversaries in the normal farming hotspots. Whether you prefer the cavern on earth or the Dark past on Moon, simply repeat the generate area until you reach that magic number of Glimmer.2. Buy strange Coin native Xur
On a Friday morning the certified dealer of nine (Xur) will appear somewhere in the Tower. In the very first week he was down close to the Vanguard vendors but more recently he appeared near the Speaker. Not only does he offer Exotic Armour and also Weapons however he likewise sells weird Coins. Therefore head over to him and also trade in her Glimmer for a weird Coin (2500).3. Create new character
Here"s the important component of the cheat. Glimmer is shared between all characters of your online account therefore the Glimmer you earned earlier can be invested by any brand-new ones friend create. Therefore you desire to produce a new character for this reason you deserve to earn another coin to share v your major character (the one you"re interested in keeping).4. Beat the story mission come unlock the Tower
The Tower will certainly be locked because that your brand-new character for this reason you"ll require to gain through the early on missions to get access again. It"s a little bit tedious yet just rush v the mission as quick as possible.5. Buy another Strange Coin native Xur
Xur will certainly still be in ~ the Tower, so go over come the same place and also trade in another 2500 Glimmer for an additional coin.6. Put the Coin in the VaultNow the your new character has the coin, go and put it right into the Vault (near the spawn allude of the tower) so her other major character have the right to take the out. Remember, although Glimmer is shared in between all characters, coins room not common so you must use the Vault.7. Delete characterAs this new character is just going come be supplied to farm yard Strange Coins, you have the right to delete it. Thus freeing up the slot for another brand-new character.8. Repeat actions 3-7Now simply repeat actions 3-7. You"ll be producing a brand-new character, buying the coin, putting in vault, delete and also repeat.If you acquire low top top Glimmer, go back to action 1 and also earn more Glimmer to reach the preferably Glimmer lid again. This is the hardest component of the strategy due to the fact that earning Glimmer deserve to take time and also the Xur is only approximately for 3 days. This signifies the importance of earning the Glimmer cap first rather 보다 repeatedly searching for Glimmer.Enjoy the weird Coin farming and also go get those limitless coins and also Exotic gear!!!

Post patch Solutions

Now that Bungie have actually patched the above exploit, it"s ago to the classic coin earning methods. Through Xur offering Gjallarhorn because that the very first time, those strange Coins room even more valuable now than ever before before!The following methods room the best way to legitimately knife coins as properly as possible:Level 28 PoE
The Level 28 PoE playlist gives players through matchmaking facilities for the jail of Elders "end game". Level 28 is reasonably mediocre and also you should have the ability to rush with these as conveniently as the timeless strike playlist. In ~ the finish of PoE players have the right to open the two smaller chests i beg your pardon are surprise in the endowment room underground. There"s a high probability that these chests reward you v a strange coin.Simply repeat the Level 28 playlist as countless times as feasible to rise your coin count.Weekly Heroic StrikesA guaranteed resource of weird Coins in Destiny. This matchmaking strikes can only be played once per week, because that a maximum of 9 strange Coins. However, clever players will have 2 alternating characters all set to make use of the Heoric win every week for 27 strange Coins. If friend still haven"t developed two alternating characters then now is absolutely a good time come start.Vanguard strike PlaylistsThe strikes in Destiny have come to be a playground of abuse, through players able to speed run through many of castle in under 15 mins. Rewards come in the kind of Engrams, Motes and also sometimes Coins. The Vanguard strikes are not as lucrative as PoE (in regards to Coins) but you might want come vary between the two to stop repetition.Daily public EventsAchieving a yellow Rating in any type of Public event will guarantee you a Postmaster reward - which you collection from the Tower.

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Make certain you complete one Public occasion in Patrol mode every day to boost your possibilities of receiving a strange Coin native the Postmaster.Public occasions are time mini-events which happen only in Patrol Mode, on any planet. They include things together as: destroying a Walker, defending a Warsat, killing a high profile target.