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genuine Madrid have currently opened increase a four-point lead over second-placed Barcelona at the top of La Liga, and also Zinedine Zidane"s side will hope to prolong their advantage this weekend. They"ll certainly be confident of holding up their finish of the bargain, together they welcome struggling Sporting Gijón come the Santiago Bernabéu ~ above Saturday.

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Whereas real Madrid room yet come lose, Sporting Gijón have won only two that their very first 12 matches. They head into this encounter having failed to success a solitary competitive game because they saw off Leganés 2-1 in September, and having currently slipped into the bottom three. One more long, hard relegation battle looks ~ above the cards for a side that just survived through the skin the their teeth last season.

How to watch, stream, and listen

TV: beIN sporting activities (US and Canada - English); beIN sporting activities en Español (US and Canada - Spanish)

Online streaming: beIN Sports affix (US and Canada)

Make friends: Real Madrid fans have to head on over to Managing Madrid for full game coverage.

For digital listings in various other countries, you can inspect out LiveSoccerTV.

Three huge things come know

1. Real Madrid winner 5-1 as soon as these sides met in ~ the Bernabéu critical season, however you"ve only gained to go back to 2011 for the last time Sporting Gijón resulted in an upset far at the giants. Miguel de ras Cuevas scored the only goal the the video game as his next stunned José Mourinho"s, v Madrid walking on to finish the season four points adrift of champion Barcelona.

2. Real Madrid will be there is no Gareth Bale, Álvaro Morata, and Toni Kroos; Marcelo and also Pepe confront late fitness tests. Sporting Gijón will have to do without Dani Ndi, that is injured, and Burgui, who cannot feature versus his parental club. Alberto Lora and Jean-Sylvain Babin challenge late fitness tests.

3. Sporting Gijón have a rather appalling document away from home in La Liga. They"ve only won a single match top top the road in the past year, having beaten Valencia 1-0 courtesy that a Tonny Sanabria penalty during Gary Neville"s ill-fated order in charge of Los Murciélagos.

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