These precious babies are more than simply realistic-looking. Activiate the hidden mechanism come seem them breathe, wiggle, laugh, and also cry.

There"s naught sweeter than a resting baby! This collection of exquisite "breathing" infant dolls is easily accessible exclusively indigenous The Ashton-Drake Galleries.

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Hush tiny Baby

First in this series by acclaimed doll artist Waltraud Hanl specifically for Ashton-Drake is Hush tiny Baby. She"s beautiful handcrafted, with soft RealTouch vinyl skin, hand-applied hair and lashes, even tiny fingernails and toenails. She arrives in a delicate, floral-print baby gown, corresponding cap, and a little diaper...more

So Truly actual Every tiny Breath"s a Blessing Collection

Each the the sweet infant dolls in this arsenal was produced exclusively because that The Ashton-Drake Galleries by grasp Doll Artist Andrea Arcello.All breathing baby dolls in this collection—Ashley, & Aria—will melt your heart through their sweet child features and also their gentle breathing—so calm to watch, for this reason wondrous to feel—tells you that they"re truly contents to be love by you. Choose them up - castle feel similar to real babies in your arms! Truly, every breath is a tiny blessing, yet don"t wait! solid demand is meant for this breathing baby dolls.

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Breathing baby Ashley

Newborn baby Ashley is the very very first So important Real(TM) collectible vinyl doll that "breathes." developed by grasp doll artist Andrea Arcello, tiny baby Ashley"s gentle, calm breathing will certainly coax "oohs" and also "ahhs" wherever you present her off. She body is loose jointed too, so she feels as with a genuine newborn child in your arms.

Strong need is expected ...more

Breathing infant Aria

Aria is the 3rd of the lifelike breath triplets, certain to put a song in her heart! prefer Ashley and also Maggie, she has actually been expertly hand-crafted and also mimicks the breath of a real baby. Pull on in a white and also yellow patterned sun dress with a equivalent ruffled hat and diaper, she"s available exclusively indigenous Ashton-Drake ...more

And Angels Danced—Warm to the Touch Doll

This realistic small baby is actually warm to the touch, thanks to a "warming heart" warm pack. Currently she can be a warm little bundle, snuggled contently ...more