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Opened February 11, 1969, v 1,130 seats and also a 71-foot screen, this was among the critical of the huge theatres built in southern California before the introduction of the multi-screen shoeboxes in the early-1970’s. It was the fourth theatre developed by the growing Edwards chain and also for many years the was taken into consideration their flagship.

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In the 1970’s and 1980’s, 2 smaller screens were added on either side of its building, maintaining the initial auditorium intact.

Edwards" corporate offices were in the second story of among the newer theatres and anyone that attended a matinee would more than likely see James Edwards II, the chain’s founder, greeting patrons. He involved work day-to-day until his fatality at the age of 90.

In 1996, 3 stadium auditoriums were included to the structure but the huge Newport, with its non-stadium seating, has actually defied trends and also still proceeds to draw crowds. The complete seating volume was because that 3,000. The huge Newport has actually a loyal complying with of fans that camp out or in ~ least present up for the very first day that the large movies.

Edwards Newport Cinemas is now component of Regal entertainment Group.

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Richie_T on respectable 1, 2015 in ~ 11:41 afternoon

For me, the newly renovated large Screen did not disappoint. Although ns do miss out on the curtain and also can carry out without the Regal pre show, i really evaluate the extra space and lull of this modern configuration. It’s the following logical step and feels best for this landmark that cinema. The display screen looks amazing and was wide as ns remembered it for today’s mirroring of Mission: impossible Rogue Nation. An excellent sound. An excellent crowd. Lengthy live Edwards big Newport. The old man would be proud.


RobertAlex on respectable 2, 2015 in ~ 1:58 pm

Hey Flix and Richie, everything petty bookings I could have about the curtains and the new color the the walls, i am really thrilled the the big N is packed again ~ above the weekends. Critical night ns looked at Fandango for the night show and also MI 5 was nearly sold out. There were like 20 seat left open! so what they did is working, as I never thought i would watch a offered out display at this ar again.

It is technically a fantastic cinema with among the best looking pictures i have seen on among the biggest display screens in southern Calif. If is was no 70 miles every way, I would certainly be there a lot of more.


Flix70 ~ above October 6, 2015 at 1:20 afternoon

Caught “The Walk” in 3D on the RPX screen last week. Presentation was great, once they gained some problems fixed.

The photo did no fill the screen and also was both blurry and shaky come start. I had actually to walk out double to questioning the lone concession worker to have someone settle it. Luckily the concerns were resolved and also the rest of the film played without incident.

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Regal requirements to monitor the Cinerama Dome’s lead and have one attendant in the auditorium at the start of the presentation to make sure the photo quality is perfect. Specifically when you’re payment $16.50 – $19.00 a ticket.