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Clerk of Court


The salesman of Court's Office is split into two areas: Circuit Court which handle civil and also criminal cases and also the household Court which handles juvenile and domestic cases.

The office is committed to publicly service. Computer systems are offered in every area and also have contributed to the efficiency of the office. End 5,000 civil cases, 10,000 criminal warrants, 5,000 domestic cases and also juvenile situations are filed every year. Court is held 46 mainly a year.

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Jeanette McBride is the Richland ar Clerk of Court.


Office Address:


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Richland county Bar Association

SC Bar

US district Court for the ar of southern Carolina

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Additional Information

For info on the Following: Contact
Divorces 2006 come Present and How to concerns on Divorces, surname Changes, child Support

803-576-3326 family members Court

Liens/Tax Liens/Power that Attorney/Mortgage/Deeds 803-576-1917 register of Deeds
Marriage Licenses/Estates/Wills/Conservatorship

803-576-1961 or 803-576-1992

Case under $7500 803-576-2300 main Court Magistrate
Warrants/Indictments/Sentencing/Tickets 803-576-1939 Criminal Records
Indigent Screening 803-576-1621
Fine Payments 803-576-1949
Appearances for basic Sessions 803-576-1800 Solicitor's Office
Probation, Pardon, and Parole

803-253-6323 or 803-734-6320


803-576-1904 803-576-1905 803-576-1901 803-576-1918

Civil Records(Certified duplicates or 2005 and also Prior Divorce Decrees) 803-576-1952
Civil agree Se filings and Inmate Cases 803-576-1943
Motion Scheduling 803-576-3372
Case Roster Scheduling 803-576-1932
Juror questions 803-576-1931

803-576-3371 or 803-576-1938

Transcript of Hearing 803-734-1800
Traffic Court 803-576-2300
SC BAR 803-799-6653
Palmetto legit Services 803-799-9668
Expungement & worthless Check 803-576-1877
Public Defender

803-765-2592 or 803-929-6156