The 2018 NFL breeze is going come be characterized by that is quarterback class. The debate will fury for months end which is the finest at the height of the class.

But ~ the height prospects, there space a variety of quarterbacks that additionally offer intriguing potential. The is possible that the new York Giants can pass on a quarterback in ~ the optimal of the draft and instead opt to select one later on to complete with Davis Webb to it is in the heir come Eli Manning.

Memphis’ Riley Ferguson has one the the highest profiles of this second-tier quarterbacks and has intrigued scouts all season long.


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Strong arm. Has the capability to drive the ball on deep article or corner routesSolid athleticism. Have the right to scramble to prolong plays or choose up yards through his legsIsn’t afraid to challenge tight windows. Typically shows discretion in throw the ball away. Flicker “clutch gene”.


Thin coming out. Durability could be a issue at the next level and asking players to add weight is constantly a risk.Occasionally ill head-scratching lapses in mechanics and judgment. Mechanics failure badly once he moves to the left. Mechanics can also failure when under duress. Accuracy and ball placement can be everywhere the place.

Prospect video

What they’re saying

“Norvell found a 6-foot-4 quarterback with elite retention of attack concepts and also a rare capability to interpret plays native the grease plank to the practice field. He additionally found a quarterback humbled by his path and also locked in on straightening it out. Ferguson won the starting job in ~ Memphis, and also in 2016 the threw for 3,698 yards, 32 touchdowns and completed 63 percent the his overcome in Norvell’s wide-open system. Ferguson is taken into consideration one the the optimal 10 quarterback prospects, as scouts check out him as a potential late-round pick. “If he’s not a legit NFL quarterback,” Norvell said, “I don’t understand if I’ll see one.”

- Memphis head coach Mike Norvell ~ above Ferguson

Final thoughts

Ferguson is an interesting and frustrating evaluation. The flashes every the devices to it is in an NFL quarterback, however he is inconsistent and frustrating come watch. He has consistently to be a slow starter in the gamings I watched (vs. Temple 2016, vs. Houston 2016, vs. Western Kentucky 2016, vs. USF 2016, vs. UCF 2017, vs. UCLA 2017), yet he always seemed to revolve it on as the fifty percent would wind down (first or second).

Ferguson probably isn’t a first-round quarterback, yet he could be an alternative as a later-round choice to build behind an established starter. If the Giants opt to profession down or not select a quarterback with the second pick in the draft, Ferguson can be an attractive candidate to compete with Davis Webb together the heir come Eli Manning.

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