UPDATE: our sister mag OPM, that recently had an exclusive look at at rise of the dig Raider, has actually filled us in ~ above the details of Lara"s five unlockable outfits. They"re taken from tomb Raider (the manor outfit), tomb Raider II (both classic look, and bomber jacket), dig Raider Chronicles (catsuit), and also Angel of Darkness (default look, v shades). You deserve to read much an ext of OPM"s comprehensive coverage in worry 126, on sale now.

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ORIGINAL STORY: previously this year, Square Enix announced that the upcoming PS4 version of rise of the tomb Raider would feature five "classic Lara" skin for use in the video game – and it"s preferred Gamescom to deliver a sneak peek at a couple of these models.

It would be a lie come state that old-school Lara meshes naturally with Rise"s modern-day 3D character designs, however it"s tho hilarious to check out her plonked in a contemporary game with a near-perfect recreation of her polygonal PS1 form.

Square Enix hasn"t yet specified precisely which five Laras we"re getting, but the us do understand we"re getting 1996 PS1 original, and also the jacket native the various other pics looks to be straight out of dig Raider 2.

Other attributes headed come the PS4 version are a new Blood Ties solo story and nightmare, amplified co-op, and an "extreme survivor" difficulty setting. All previous DLC is also included.

Rise that the dig Raider is released because that PS4 on October 11, 2016.

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