St. Vincent de Paul Georgia operates 12 Thrift Stores across the state. Donated goods including clothing, shoes and also accessories, furniture, family members goods, and also children items, are sold at discounted prices. With a volunteer staff, ours stores carry out an economical alternative to common mall and retail stores because that cost-conscious shoppers.

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The proceeds from each of the Thrift stores go directly to the programs and also services that deliver hope and assist to world in need. The $50 that you spend in a SVdP Thrift Store have the right to turn right into the rental or energy payment that keeps a family members warm and in your home. The funds raised through sales in ~ the Thrift Store remain in the store’s local community.



People in require who space clients of SVdP have the right to receive vouchers to obtain a number of thrift save items at no cost. Items that are not marketed or donated are offered as raw material for recyclers. Revenue produced from these thrift shop is supplied to fund direct aid for client in the type of help for rent, utilities, clinical expenses, transportation, etc.


St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores are:

Mission Driven: if respecting the dignity that each person they carry hope and aid to civilization in need so castle may find stability and self-sufficiency.Creating Jobs: Thrift stores provide training and also work suffer for those facing barriers to employment.Involving the Community: They provide opportunities because that the neighborhood to understand and care for others.Self-Sustaining: They generate revenue to support themselves and the job-related of SVdP.

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Respecting the dignity of every person, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia brings expect and assist to those in need so lock may uncover stability and also move toward self-sufficiency.