The san Diego Symphony’s annual summer concert collection along the waterfront returns Friday, pass some large names to the scenic stage.

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The season kicks off through a bang v “Star-Spangled Pops,” a three-day concert the pays tribute to America ahead of the fourth of July. Running Friday through Sunday, the Symphony to plan to do patriotic tunes, finishing with fireworks each night.

On the 4th of July, nation icon Wynonna Judd will take the stage. Native there, concertgoers will have a front-row chair to the large Bay boom fireworks show, too, i m sorry pops turn off 9 p.m.

Each concert starts at 7:30 p.m. At Embarcadero Marina Park South. Attendees deserve to buy single-show tickets or splurge because that a three-concert package starting at $54. Friend can inspect out your ticketing choices here.



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Some highlights from the remainder of the Bayside Summer Nights concert schedule:

Herb Albert + Lani room (July 6)Trumpet understand Albert (“Tijuana Taxi,” “A Taste that Honey”) will execute with Hall, his partner in not just music, but also life. Date night concert?

Leslie Odom, Jr. (July 7-8)The Tony Award-winning breakout star that Broadway’s quit hit, “Hamilton,” will ditch the Aaron Burr costume because that a couple of nights on the Bayside stage.

Air it is provided (July 14-15)The standard 1980s team (“Lost in Love,” “All out of Love”) will have plenty the love as soon as they carry their access time to the Bayside phase for two nights.

Latin Jazz master (Aug. 10)The country’s most talented Latin jazz musician come with each other for one night the bongos, timbales, congas and also more.

"La La Land" in Concert (Aug 12)The Oscar-winning film will be presented on the Bayside stage’s huge screen if the movie’s award-winning score is performed live by the mountain Diego Symphony and also guest jazz artists.

Tony Bennett (Aug. 15)The American music symbol – and also his distinctive voice and charm – will certainly take his rotate on the waterfront.

The Commodores (Aug.26)The soulful and also funky 1970s and also 1980s team (“Brick House,” “Three time a Lady”) will lug the house down at this toe-tapping respectable performance.

The waterfront collection will concerned an finish on Sept. 3 v a three-day present – “1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular” (Sept. 1-3). For the full concert lineup, click here.

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Organizers say that a brand-new addition come the collection this year is neighborhood DJs spinning at the shows that land on Fridays, in one area known as “Bayside Brews,” which features local craft beer. That section likewise offers wine and food; the gates open at 6 p.m. Fireworks will also go down at the end of all Friday and also Saturday night concerts, and also during the closeup of the door weekend.