When you purchase a drone there is no doubt that picking the ideal microSD card is crucial accessory. Ns made the failure of picking a SD map which didn’t support the recording of 4K footage. I immediately restricted what ns was able to do with mine drone because that the sake of conserving a few dollars. Ns wish the I had actually spent a little bit an ext to not only boost the capacity of mine memory map but additionally to boost the appropriate speed opened up 4K footage.

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The ideal microSD cards because that a drone requirements to have actually a write speed of 12.5 MB/s to record a 4K video. You need to look because that a “U3” or “V30” symbol indicating the the minimum sustained write speed is 30MB/s i beg your pardon is much more than sufficient for countless drones.

The worry with picking a memory card for a drone is that there space a load of different terms and also classes that you have the right to purchase.

It have the right to be very confusing for someone that isn’t acquainted with the different species of write speeds or innovations in microSD cards.

Not every microSD cards room the very same and, in this article, we will go over every little thing you need to understand that selecting the finest microSD cards because that a drone whether or not you have a DJI drone, a parrot drone, an Autel drone, or any type of other brand.

Which microSD card is ideal for drone?

As a fast start overview to knowledge microSD cards you just need come look because that two icons which are printed on the front of the card. The first symbol looks like a U v a 3 in it, and the other one is a V30 symbol.

Here is a quick review of every one of the different classes of microSD cards and also the high quality of footage that they are perfect for. You have the right to see the there is a straight correlation in between the minimum compose speed and the quality of footage the you space able to record with a microSD card.


As a rule of ignorance you room able to say that 4K footage taken at 30 frames per 2nd uses as much as 1 GB every minute the footage.

Here is a list of how numerous gigabytes every minute that takes in ~ a selection of high definition resolutions an unified with typical frame rates offered by drone pilots.

0.761 GB/minute at 4K/30fps MP40.523 GB/minute at 1080/60fps MP40.265 GB/minute at 1080p/30fps MP4

Essentially, you need to purchase the biggest card dimension you can afford as lengthy as that is currently bigger 보다 the maximum card size permitted in the drone and also it has actually a great right rate of better than 12.5 Mb per second.


Lastly, to trust is a really important factor. This is because you are likely going to use your microSD card in multiple drones and he checked the microSD card from her drone every time you desire to get some info off.

The metal contacts have to be robust and the plastic body of the microSD card will not buckle or rest under the pressures of pushing it right into the SD card holder.

I would extremely recommend the you pole with known name brand such as Samsung, SanDisk, and Lexar. Sticking v recognizable brand names way that you have the right to be assured the memory card is produced and also manufactured v the highest level of top quality in mind. Several of the cheaper, Chinese-made, and also memory cards might be a better deal however you will finish up payment in the long run through frustration.


In this article, we have actually gone over every one of the best microSD cards because that a drone. Girlfriend now recognize what all of the signs on the front of the SD card way and you room in a place to have the ability to choose the finest one for her drone.

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Remember that you should choose a card v a minimum write speed of at least 12.5 Mb per 2nd that does not exceed the best memory size that your drone have the right to take.