Years active2006–
Past membersRamin NiroomandMehdi NiroomandTyler SmithDavey OwensMichael GuyOriginSan Diego, California, United claims (2006)MembersRamin Niroomand, Scott Barnes, Mehdi Niroomand, Jarred DeArmas, Sean Bell, Tyler "Telle" SmithGenresPost-hardcore, Metalcore, alternative metalAlbumsYour human being on Fire, Imperial, In Fear and also Faith, Symphonies, VoyageProfilesMyspace

In Fear and Faith is an American post-hardcore tape from mountain Diego, California. Formed in 2006, the team was signed to increase Records and released three studio albums and also two EPs. Their debut full-length, Your human being on Fire, being released almost a year after the band"s signing to climb in 2008, peaked in ~ No.193 ~ above the Billboard 200. Their 2nd full-length album, royal was exit the following year and sold even better, charting in ~ No.4 ~ above the optimal Heatseekers chart in the us alone. Currently, the tape does no feature any original members because the leave of guitarist Ramin Niroomand and drummer Mehdi Niroomand in 2014; vocalist Scott Barnes is the only current member of the tape to have performed on all of the group"s studio albums, despite he is no an original member.

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Inception and also Voyage (2006–2007)


In Fear and also Faith was established in 2006 by members Davey Owens, Mehdi Niroomand, Tyler McElhaney, Jarred DeArmas, Michael Guy and also Ramin Niroomand when attending high school and also derived the band"s name off the the Circa Survive track of the same name. The band recorded a self-titled demo during the exact same year formed, containing 4 tracks.


A year after recording the demo, founding vocalist Jarred DeArmas to be kicked out of the group in desire the the members seek a singer through a higher vocal range. Tyler "Telle" blacksmith was, in ~ this point, employed together the band"s clean vocalist together with Cody Anderson as the band"s unclean vocalist. A few months after this modifications, they changed guitarist Davey Owens with Noah Slifka if keyboardist, Michael man left the band totally without a member in his replacement. V this line-up, they taped their very first EP, Voyage and released it via iTunes ~ above December 17, 2007. Met with confident acclaim and also achieving an ext than 30,000 tune purchases, it attractive the fist of increase Records, i beg your pardon they were signed to the adhering to year.

Your civilization on Fire (2008–2009)


Clean vocalist blacksmith left the tape in January 2008 to sign up with Greeley mansions as bassist. He was changed by Scott Barnes and also the team released your debut album, Your civilization on Fire, ~ above January 6, 2009, via rise Records. It reached No.193 top top the Billboard 200. The album"s success led In Fear and Faith come inclusions on numerous tours and also festivals. Lock toured with groups such as Gwen Stacy, Our critical Night, Vanna, Emarosa, The human being Abstract, Life in her Way, burden of a Day, reduced Definition, Confide, VersaEmerge, here I Come Falling, Broadway, In This Moment, Agraceful and also Motionless in White.

Imperial, Symphonies and member alters (2010–2011)

On December 19, 2009, the band put an upgrade on their facebook profile stating the they were writing and also recording a brand-new album end those next 3 months. Throughout mid-April, the tape completed the document after touring Europe, its title to be revealed as Imperial. On may 12 in ~ Midnight (PST) the tape released three brand-new songs off of the album; "The Solitary Life", "Counselor", and "Bones" as streaming media online before its release. Top top June 15, 2010 royal was released worldwide.

In Fear and Faith appeared on the whole 2010 Vans Warped tourism performing top top the Skullcandy Stage. Craig Owens, of ruin Rebuild till God Shows, carry out guest vocals with the team on 2 of the tourism dates. In Fear and also Faith additionally participated in the tape of Brothers tour in the autumn of 2010 v We came as Romans, Confide, ~ above a burning Body and Abandon all Ships.

While In Fear and Faith were consisted of on attack Attack!"s This Is a household Tour, unclean vocalist, Cody Anderson was required to not be had on their schedule early out to an individual reasons and his position in the team was substituted through Bryan Zimmerman, formerly of sky Eats Airplane. ~ above December 5, 2010 it was then announced the Anderson left the band completely. The factor for his leaving was never ever explained. Through a lighter line-up, the band then took some time turn off from touring and also recorded one EP special symphonic renditions of some of their songs. The EP was titled Symphonies, and was exit on may 3, 2011. Barnes performs both the clean and unclean vocals on the release. Prior to its surfacing, the band once more changed its line-up. Both Tyler McElhaney and Noah Slifka were changed by Jarred DeArmas and Sean Bell, respectively. Bell offered as a touring member during the This Is A family members Tour because that the team in the rhythm etc position before his joining and DeArmas was originally the band"s vocalist during its founding in high school as soon as he was 17 in 2006.

Self-titled album (2012)

The band teased announced their brand-new album by publication the lead solitary on November 8, 2011 because that a song titled, "It all Comes out (On the means Down)". "A creeping Dose" to be released on June 29, 2012, three days right into the "Scream It choose You typical It 2012" tour. The album to be released later on that year on October 16, 2012, with David Stephens of We come as Romans showed up as a vocalist on the track "The Calm prior to Reform."

Return of part old members and new music (2013–present)

On June 5, 2014 the band announced that they would certainly be recording new music issuing this statement: "weren’t at first planning on it. Yet with the ridiculous amount of support we’ve received in the last couple of weeks, we have made decision to do some new music. Functioning out the details currently." However, ~ above June 8, the tape announced after opening for Saosin with original vocalist Anthony eco-friendly that this would be their last show, i beg your pardon was later on denied ~ above the band"s official Facebook page with the comment "“Scott wasn’t finished talking and also the song started ha. We’ll more than likely do some more shows. You will do think sites would certainly reach out prior to reporting shit.” together of February 14, 2015, In Fear and Faith has declared on your Facebook web page they are right now working on brand-new music. On may 14, 2015, Sean Bell post a video on his Instagram stating the the band had officially started pre-production.

Musical style and also structure

In Fear and Faith are basically a post-hardcore band, but perform the genre v a tied-in influence of metal and also electronica. The team is primarily affected by different rock, emo, hardcore and heavy steel genres. Music journalist, Andrew Leahy recorded In Fear and also Faith"s sound together "a blend of furious instrumentation, electronic flourishes and screamo vocals" in addition to mentioning embracement of heavy metal when complimenting your hybrid sound of gift the case why the group "were signed therefore quickly" and also "wasted little time" law so.

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In Fear and also Faith songs space usually - on median - three minutes in time length, however their larger and more-known song such as "Live Love Die" and "The Taste of Regret" lead into 4 minutes that length. The key songwriters have actually primarily always been Ramin and Mehdi Nirromand, Tyler McElhaney and Scott Barnes. Bassist, McElhaney has actually commented top top the band"s etc tunings stating that while the tunings ~ above Your people on Fire and Voyage would certainly be set to the same drop throughout, imperial features different tunings top top several different songs to include "depth" nevertheless of the difficulty of this for live performances.


Studio albumsEPsVoyage (2007, self-released)Symphonies (2011, Rise)DemosIn Fear and also Faith (2006, self-released)Other songs"Bite the Bullet and Pray to God" (First demo the "Silence Is Screaming" videotaped in 2006)"Words for your Eulogy" (First demo that "The Taste of Regret" recorded in 2006)"Gangsta"s Paradise" (Coolio ft. L.V. Cover, exit in 2008)"The End" (demo version, 2009 Myspace exclusive)"It every Comes out (On the method Down)" (single version, released in 2011)"Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson cover, released in 2012 as a tribute because that the third anniversary that his death)


"Live Love Die" (Voyage, 2008)"Your people on Fire" (Your world on Fire, 2009)"The roadway to Hell Is led with good Intentions" (Your civilization on Fire, 2009)"Bones" (Imperial, 2010)"Counselor" (Imperial, 2011)"Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson cover) (2012)


The Taste that RegretYour people on Fire · 2009Live Love DieYour civilization on Fire · 2009Heavy Lies the CrownImperial · 2010