The body organ is a Moller Opus 8044 two hands-on organ with 30 stops and also 17 ranks, installed in 1950. Other than maintenance and also some replacement of cracking drawknobs and also tablets, the organ has actually remained together it was installed, a testimony come the integrity of Moller Organs. The body organ is in an enclosure with only the chimes clearly shows in the collection at the behind of the nave. The console is also in the gallery, fitted right into the seating area for additional congregation and/or choir. The organ is typical of Moller offal of this era, with most of the ranking consisting that 73 pipes. Far-reaching borrowing is provided to fill out the Pedal division.

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While this organ is not huge or particularly significant, we include it here due to the fact that of exactly how well it fits right into the design of this building, also though that did no originate here. The inclusion of the console and organ case in the gallery emphasises the Reformed commitment come viewing Organ and also Choir as component of the congregation, no as a method of grace. Note that the elevated pulpit, baptismal, and basic table in the Chancel elegantly emphasize the Word and sacraments together a method of Grace, and also were initially intended together the only adornment of the chancel.


This body organ was an initial installed in the congregation’s original sanctuary at 5th and Columbus in grand Haven. The organ was relocated to this new facility in 1966. It has seen no far-reaching modification or upgrade over its life.

For much more information top top the Moller Organ agency see here.

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" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" />Console
" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" />Namplate
" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" />Nave and also Chanel indigenous the Gallery; note raised pulpit, font, and also table.


Diapason 8′Hohlflote 8′Chimney flute 8′ Dulciana 8′Octave 4′Flute Ouverte 4′ 12Dulciana 4′ 12Rauschquinte IITrumpet 8′ TremulantChimes


Rohr Bourdon 16′ 12’Geigen Diapason 8′Chimney Flute 8′Viole de Gambe 8′Viole Celeste 8′ TCGeigen Octave 4′ 12Flute Triangulaire 4′Gambette 4′ 12Nazard 2 2/3′Flautino 2′Plein Jeu IIITrumpet 8′Tremulant


Subbass 16′Violone 16′ 12 Rohrbourdon 16′ 12 Hohlquinte 10 2/3′Bourdon 8′ 12Hohlflote 8′ Chimney Flute 8′ Hohlflute 4′ Trumpet 8′