seven Deadly Sins: 10 points You Didn't Know around Hawk's Backstory most fans are mindful of how Hawk became the pig that is today, however for those who may have missed it, right here are 10 points you might not have actually known.

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Hawk The seven Deadly Sins
Everyone"s favorite pig and sidekick, Hawk, has stood by Meliodas and his friends with thick and thin throughout the series, The 7 Deadly Sins. Like many of the other characters, Hawk, too, has actually a vibrant and interesting background about him. While the is a well-known and lovable character, he also unknowingly hides a mysterious and unsettling past.

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Contrary to his bubbly and also optimistic personality, Hawk come from a dark place and also was born by someone through an also darker origin story. Most fans are mindful of just how Hawk ended up being the pig he is today, yet for those who may have missed it, here are ten things about Hawk"s backstory that some may not have recognized about.

Purgatory In The 7 Deadly Sins
Like numerous other beings, hawk is indigenous a realm between the life world, wherein giants, druids, and also fairies reside, and also the afterlife, inhabited by the us who have actually died and also passed on. Unlike any type of other place, Purgatory is dark, chaotic, and filled with evil souls and dangerous monsters. Comparable to Hell, Hawk"s birthplace is unbearably hot. In Purgatory, the concept of time is substantially warped, and also the problems are much too brutal because that mortals to survive.

Wild talk To Ban and also Meliodas In The 7 Deadly Sins
some fans may have actually missed this fact around Hawk revealed in the series, but he has an larger brother called Wild. Wild is an emotionally boar-like biology from Purgatory. Wild has spent millions of years looking for his younger brother, who the Demon King took shortly after birth. He has tested the Demon King on countless occasions for his brother"s return yet has failure every time. It isn"t until numerous years later when that meets Ban and Meliodas, that he learns hawk is alive and also well.

kidnapped by the Demon King nearly right after being born, Hawk was sent right into the living people to be a spy. The Demon King used Hawk to store an eye on his eldest son, Meliodas.

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He was preferred to be the spy together he to be a biology that no only had a long life span yet was solid enough to manage the task. As soon as in the life world, Hawk shed all storage of that he to be before, his brother, Wild, and his previous life in Purgatory.

7 that Is accused Wandle"s Reincarnation

Wandle In The seven Deadly guilty Eating
about 27 years prior to the begin of the series, the Demon King had actually taken eagle from his house in Purgatory to act together a spy. Knowing that Hawk is only 16-years-old, this act to be committed many years before being born as a pig. Pan speculate that Hawk has taken numerous forms end the year to store tabs top top Meliodas" whereabouts and also actions due to the fact that his kidnapping. Prior to meeting Hawk, Meliodas had actually another animal companion, a bird called Wandle, whose personality, voice, and also mannerisms were strangely similar to Hawk.

arguably the oldest and also most an effective creature in the entire series, Hawk"s Mama is recognized to be the birth giver of every monsters and vampires. She is referred to as the mommy of Chaos, together the Demon King sealed Chaos right into her vessel. Many think she is filled through an unrivaled, immeasurable quantity of darkness that instilled fear into the Demon Clan"s hearts and also the Goddess Clan alike. Not much is known around her whereabouts between the sky Temple"s battle and also her initial introduction into the series as Hawk"s Mama practically 3000 year later.

5 He inspired Meliodas To open Up The Boar Hat

In an unknown forest, about 10 years prior to the start, Hawk was living happily with his mom when they stumbled upon Meliodas, that was lied unconscious. They lugged him to safety in a cave near his home, Camelot, and also when the awoke, he started introducing himself to Hawk. Hawk started reminiscing about his time at a restaurant recognized as Pig Leg and this, together with Meliodas" comparison of Hawk"s Mama to a fortress, sparked the idea because that the mobile pub, The Boar Hat.

during his past life in Purgatory, hawk went by one more name. The was previously known as Mild, brothers of Wild, who was more boar-like rather than pig-like in appearance. Back Hawk has no storage of this, he to be a reasonably strong biology within Purgatory.

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He just remembers his present identity as Hawk, but some theorize that he has actually been reincarnated several times before and has also taken the form of Meliodas" bird friend, Wandle. He even alluded come this reincarnation by speak he felt favor a Dragon in a past life.

3 His name Was Originally analyzed As Hork

hawk is recognized by many names, within the series, and also even in genuine life. As soon as the manga was originally translated, Hawk"s name was Hork. This was done intentionally, as "hork" way to vomit or regurgitate, and also Hawk, the Captain that the stimulate of Scraps Disposal, regularly cleaned increase the puke the The Boar hat customers after they attempted come eat one of Meliodas" unappetizing dishes. However, his surname was changed to its Romanized version, Hawk, much better to right the series"s setup and time period.

The appreciation Hawk has actually for scraps is commonly known amongst fans. However, the opened of The Boar cap was not the start of his love for leftovers. Upon conference Meliodas for the very first time, Hawk mentioned that he frequently frequent a restaurant prior to called Pig Leg. The expressed the he would thoroughly reap the leftover food indigenous there. Now, he takes proud in his position to complete the scraps at The Boar Hat, particularly if they room ones left behind indigenous the meals all set by his favorite chef, Ban.

1 His mom Isn"t in reality A Pig

Hawk"s Mama is a mystery to every who understand her and also even eagle too. Some may find it obvious based on her eco-friendly coloration, yet she is not a pig types like her kid Hawk. In actuality, she is a moss shell in the form of a pig filled through Chaos" energy. She is the creator of countless evil and powerful beings, including the Demon King and also the supreme Deity, who later on sealed she away in the form that she is today. Back she is technically the mommy of countless creatures, she shows a special love and protectiveness over Hawk.

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