Rebecca O’Brien delves into the shorter 2nd run and how that sets increase season three.

It should be listed from the start that season 2 of The seven Deadly Sins on Netflix is not a typical season. Subtitled Signs of divine War, that is only 4 episodes long and really serves as more of a stop-gap in between season one and season three. It almost seems prefer these room the story piece that didn’t fit right into the first season, for this reason they were separation off to produce a miniature season. However, regardless of the brief length, there are some significant story advancements that help to set the stage for the next season.

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Season 2 is set sometime after ~ the conclusion of the first season, when the kingdom has actually come together to celebrate a festival. One of the cool things around this quick season is seeing the Sins connect with personalities who were adversaries for many of the very first run, many notably lord Gilthunder.

It additionally gives the series a chance to tie up some loosened ends with number of characters. For instance, now that the fight with the divine Knights is over, Ban and also Meliodas resolve their own distinctions in a fight that predictably ends in a draw. Elizabeth and the various other Sins are all revisited together they take component in the festival, offering an idea of what anyone is increase to currently that the danger shows up to it is in past.


The ideal thing around season 2 is the hook it gives for the upcoming season. While every of the episodes focuses on Meliodas and also the remainder of the heroes, at the end of each episode there’s a short scene that concentrates on a mysterious figure crossing the countryside. In a shocking twist, this personality is revealed to it is in Dreyfus, that is in search of Hendrickson, both of whom are claimed to be dead.

Keeping these pivotal moment at the end of each illustration is a good way to maintain interest in whereby the story is going. An unified with this revelation and little hints spaced transparent the season, it sounds favor the next large conflict will come indigenous the demon clan, which Hendrickson look at unleashes from imprisonment.

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Despite being short, season two of The 7 Deadly Sins walk a great job setting things up for the following story arc. There was plenty of humor, the computer animation was as good as ever, and overall it to be a short, exciting ride.